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AOMAIS Sport II+ Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker Review


Bluetooth speakers still sustain themselves as popular choices for smartphone owners and with legit reason. As time has progressed, the buyers have been spoilt for choices. That implies that now a consumer can select a Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker, which is packed with a brilliance of performance, a durable design backyard and is pocket-friendly. Right now, in the market, one speaker, which appears to have ticked all three of those boxes is the AOMAIS Sport II+ Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It is a portable and sturdy speaker and one which is available to buy for at a feasible price for your party, or even a beach party.

In terms of wattage, the AOMAIS Bluetooth Speaker is enumerated as packing 20-watts RMS, which is further delineated as 10-watts through each channel. The physical speakers are constituted of 52 mm drivers which operate at 4 ohms and provide you with a Signal-to-Noise ratio of 70 dB. However, this speaker has the potential to sync with another device, and hence, the power can be enhanced by connecting to several other AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speakers. With regards to connections, the AOMAIS Sport 2+ is revision and hence makes use of the Bluetooth 4.0 to facilitate a connection. Which technically entails that you can apprehend secure and dependable connections to be established and sustained up to a distance of 100 feet away from the device, which is streaming.

Moreover, this is a Bluetooth speaker that has been branded with an IPX7 waterproof authentication. Which means that it can bear to be submerged in water for up to a limit of 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter. Additionally, along with the waterproof certification, the casing is also fashioned to be mud-proof, shockproof, and snow proof. As far as the physical dimensions go, the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker measures23.9 x 6.1 x 11.9 cm inches and has a weight 617 g.

aomais sport ii vs aomais sport ii plus

In the box.
The majority of what you get when you purchase the AOMAIS Sport 2II Bluetooth Speaker will align itself with things that are on offer with products in a similar category. So expect to find in the box the actual AOMAIS Bluetooth speaker, coupled with a small micro USB cable, a modest 3.5 mm jack wire, along with with that, the user manual. However, one intriguing inclusion that you are might to find with other Bluetooth speakers is that the parcel also comes with an inflatable station for the speaker to rest on - which is a perfect fit for utilizing the IPX7 water resistant certification.

Hardware and design.
The AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker is fashioned to be a sturdy and speaker that will stand the test of time, and that does imply that it is one which comes with a sturdy look and simplistic appearance. The anterior and the posterior of the speaker is moderately common and makes use of a grill casing that appears enmeshed, which does allow for some visual intrusion into the internals (when held close enough and under sufficient light). However, that is where the commonplace appearance comes to a halt. Majority of the speaker is mostly rubber-based, which happens to aid when you have to ensure the maintenance of its IPX7 certification and fortification from water. Hence, the right-hand wall of the speaker is rather ordinary looking with just the AOMAIS certification, while the left-hand side dons a small vestibule where you should find the micro USB port coupled with the 3.5 mm jack port. This compartment comes with a standard rubber flap (which again is there to shield the speaker from water and make the cut for that IPX7 rating). Although, it might be worth mentioning that the rubber piece on the AOMAIS Sport 2II Bluetooth Speaker is relatively a very thick rubber flap. So as long as this is shut the way its supposed to be, it is highly unlikely that you will have to issues with water seeping through. It is a decently fortified compartment.

Moving to the peak of the speaker and the two exterior sides, the top panel comes designed with grooves. Which, while adding to the aesthetics of the speaker, also serve as a comfort mechanism when the speaker is being held in one hand. The grooves do furnish with an adequate grip which is soothing to hold, yet also safe and sound enough to stay in one hand without being anxious about dropping the unit. Concentrated around the top panel is a punitive dipped area where one might find the primary controls for the speaker. These are, to be precise, rubber-touch buttons. So even though you do need to press slightly hard to make them work, they are relatively well-protected buttons and again, further the cause of having a waterproof design. The controls put in a plate- a dedicated power button, a play/pause button which can also be used to answer phone calls, a skip button which can also be used as a volume up button and skip back button which might work as volume down. Underneath the controls, you will also find three quaint LEDs which offer a peek into the status of the device that is if it is on, whether it is running low on battery and whether the device is being paired.

aomais sport ii plus

The bottom of the speaker bears a resemblance to the top excepting the absence of all the buttons. Although, in place of those buttons, you will notice a -inch tripod mount, which is a welcoming addition. Overall, the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker is comprehensively designed to be a durable speaker, and that is what one might feel when feasting on the design. The design ensures that it is a well-protected speaker and one which largely imbibes a mono molded unit design, saves the mesh on the front and back.

Moreover, AOMAIS has considered to include some design tweaks to ensure the speaker does find a market for those looking for an elegant and stylish speaker and as such, lot of its parts sport 2a excellent orange outline, which can be seen in the images of the product available across the internet.

Sound quality and performance.
Expectedly, it sounds great, and the overall performance of any speaker is always going to be one of the significant causes for debate when a purchase decision is in the mix. However, when we are talking about AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker, this is not a domain about which you need to bother yourself with. Firstly, with regards to the sound quality, the AOMAIS Bluetooth Speaker performs incredibly well. It is a speaker which eventually is a little cramped up in the middle - which means the upper part, and the bass does come through a little more poignantly and is slightly disproportionate in comparison to the mids. But this is just a negligible criticism which doesnt make it into the bigger picture, as the mids can sometimes appear as if it is a little overborne by the tops and bass and specifically at peak volumes. Which draws us magically onto one of the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speakers unique selling features - the capacity.

Speaking with a vague generalization, Bluetooth speakers and particularly the ones which are as petite as the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker, are compromised when it comes to their maximum volume output. Understandably so, considering their overall size and its portable audio and video dimensions. There is no problem along these lines that the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker is troubled by, as this is one loudspeaker. Even more so when you think about how small the size is, the volume output on this is as impressive as it gets and can fill a room effortlessly. So much so, that in fact, you might not be provoked to use this speaker at its highest capacity. If you are on the lookout for a speaker which is smaller in size, but impactful in output, then you would be there are very few options that are as impressive as this, within a form factor so small.

When we consider the overall performance, there is hardly anything to complain about here. The AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker is one which does fare impressively over time and does not seem to suffer a setback in respect of its performance. Connections are secured very easily and sustained without hassle. Similarly, the quality of the output was flawless over the testing duration. It is just a very dependable and decently performing portable Bluetooth speaker.
aomais sport ii+ bluetooth speaker

Battery life and connectivity.
Battery life is ordinarily a component which is neglected in smaller Bluetooth speakers. After all, fitting a large battery into a unit so little is a tough ask and especially if you want to carry a weight that can be considered portable. With regards to the AOMAIS Sport 2+

Bluetooth Speaker, the battery is placed at a better footing and is expected to give a service in the area of 30 hours of continuous playback before asking to be recharged again. During the testing span, this appeared to be a very reliable marker to go by. Even though the speaker was never entirely operated for 30 hours at a stretch, it seemed like a tough thing to consciously drain the battery out in extended and single use. These things lead to the belief that an all-day level of operation was easily doable with the AOMAIS Sport 2+

Bluetooth Speaker.
When we talk about its connectivity, and already seen in the general performance section, there is very little to launch scathing criticism of the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker indeed offers a very reliable and stable Bluetooth connectivity and never disconnected itself during the testing period. The Bluetooth 4.0 up gradation allows you to expect a connection up to 100 ft away from the streaming device and this is perhaps one of the domains where the speaker can be bettered as a stuttering connection became more frequent under the recommended 100 ft distance. While not less, it was undoubtedly less robust at far off ranges, compared to other devices. However, within a radius of 75 feet of the speaker, you will likely be confronted with no issues at all with the connection, and it is stable and dependable at close vicinities.

Similarly, as this is a speaker which is equipped with a 3.5 mm port, there is also the added capability to connect to devices straight to the unit, irrespective of whether the tools are Bluetooth-enabled or not. So besides offering a reliable Bluetooth connectivity, it is also a speaker which is decently multi-functional in the number of ways in which you can establish a connection with it. Likewise, if you do end up purchasing more than one unit, they can sync together to form a much larger output as they are easy to pair and each speaker has to adopt a channel to define sound (i.e., left or right) when used as a stereo player.

Summation of the market report
Overall, the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker is one which is a bargain and offers a lot more than the money being paid for it. Everyone knows that this is not the best Bluetooth speaker in the world, but it certainly does perform seamlessly. A host of Bluetooth speakers which imbibe such a punitive size can suffer a setback in terms of the volume output, and this is certainly not the case with the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker. Which does imply that if you are on the lookout for a Bluetooth speaker which is decently loud, gives a fair performance, offers a dependable short-distance connection can connect with Echo Dot and can connect Alexa and is also fashioned to be able to endure the elements - then the AOMAIS Sport 2 + Bluetooth Speaker is undoubtedly worth keeping tabs on. Primarily as it is ranged at an affordable price and includes a complimentary inflatable bed for the speaker. The AOMAIS SPORT 2 portable wireless Bluetooth speakers is the basic model which you can check out, it has a 15H playtime also has an IPX7 authentication, is stereo pairing enabled and has rich bass and sound- with a 20W bass sound, given the sport 2+ has a 20W HD stereo sound and richer bass.

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