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Audio-Technica ATHM40x Professional Monitor Headphones Review


The ATH-M40x sell for just $99, and numerous individuals state they sound nearly or similarly tantamount to their progressively costly relatives. In this way, we needed to look at them ourselves and check whether this was valid.

What Is At The Package?

Much like their elderly brother, the ath m50x, '' the Audio Technica ATH-M40x isn't a little couple of cans, and also your very first hint is going to be the absolute dimension of this box soon. We have observed some rather prominent blue tooth speakers arrive in more compact bins.

Open this up, and the first thing that you are going to notice is a sheet of cardboard which sits at the top of these cans. This retains the transporting pouch in addition to the handbook and guarantees details. Beneath, you will locate the boxes, wrapped around a cardboard"pole" of kinds. Just take out this from this carton, and you're going to notice that it was since the two comprised 3.5 millimeter sound wires. Below you will also locate a little pamphlet around the bending straps applied to these sorts of cables. More importantly, after.


Even the ATH M40x, just like the ATH-M30X, is a portable headset. They're around the more significant aspect of over-ear cans but fold right into a compact arrangement that'll easily fit into a backpack or handbag; however, it will probably undoubtedly be too high for all coat pockets. The thick or long sound cable can also be a little awkward to continue, although minus the model of this string have been removable.


Even the Audio-Technica M40x is stable in mind. They aren't created for the game, and they are going to slip your ears off while still leaping or running readily. But for relaxed listening sessions, then they are going to always be in a position even when you hook them up to, tilted and tiny farther back than usual. The removable cable is additionally a plus to get equilibrium, provided that you can unlock the cable out of the ear-cups.

Assemble & Layout

In slowing the purchase price against the ath m50x, Audio-Technica experienced to cut corners somewhere to your ATH-M40x, and also, a few of them will be a wide variety. At the same time that it's possible to procure the ath m50x in a couple of distinctive color choices, there's just a single available. The headphones have a black finish using crimson, high grey lights to your own audio Technica

As previously mentioned, that is a badly large group of cans -- all, you have must place those forty-millimeter motorists someplace. This might be considered a challenge so far as relaxation is worried; however, that isn't the example of. After sporting them for such a long time throughout testing, then it is apparent the ATH-M40x had been equipped with prolonged sessions at your mind. I used not to begin to have that the fatigue indeed typical at bigger cans, and also yet in warmer weather, so '' I did not see the ear-cups needs to warm upward. Though the headband is not incredibly significantly cushioned, this did not appear to become an issue as it arrived into relaxation.

The ear-cups rotate quite openly, although this could cause easy issues of collapse at the assemble, the ATH M40x texture to be quite a hardy couple of cans. Regrettable, although it can be, we can not matter our inspection components to significant anxiety screening, however that seems as though a challenging couple of cans. Ordinarily, we might become considered a bit worried with just using a scoop to haul the boxes, for this specific build-quality sufficient reason for the purchase price so low, we will give them some slack down.


Whilst the ATH-M40x are assembled using tracking in your mind, you are not planning to detect blue tooth connectivity, and on occasion maybe a remote and mic. Here really is a couple of cans constructed using just one and just a single item at heart: hearing new music. Nevertheless, audiotechnica has given a couple options about how just how to achieve it.

Ordinarily once you view two wires comprised having a couple of cans, this means just one conventional cable and also you with an remotecontrolled. Inside this instance, audiotechnica has obtained a old-school strategy. You can get the normal directly wire, nevertheless, additionally you get yourself a coiled cable that, personally, that I love. This also is useful for one more rationale.

As the wires really are 3.5 M M to the endings, the ATH M40x make use of a proprietary locking connector onto the headset finish. While that is convenient as it prevents the cable out of ripping outside in the event that you travel across the cable, then in addition, it creates replacement a snagged cord demanding. Fortunately, the semi automatic cable includes a few"offer," which makes it not as inclined to want to transpire.


Certainly one of the primary differences involving your ATH-M40x along with also the additional costlier, pricier ATHM50x could be that the motorist dimensions. The drivers are 40 millimeters in dimension, only marginally more compact compared to the 4 5 millimeter drivers at the M50x. While that will not seem as a enormous gap, it will not change the sonic touch.

When compared with analyzing the ATH-M40x, the principal thing we all wished to examine was fidelity, therefore that I paid attention to both CDs and lossless sound recordings played by the computer as a result of a Focusrite Saffire Guru 40 sound port. To observe whether the cans functioned well with cell apparatus (they really do ), I did a few listening to a moto-x. Throughout analyzing a paid attention to some broad range of audio from several genres and eras.

The 1 area at which in fact the more compact motorist size gets the difference is certainly the bass, but this does not follow the bass is weak , only it isn't too strong while the M50x. Adhering to Grant Green's"Iron metropolis," it seems as the bass needs to be trembling the space. Nevertheless, bass that's boomy into this purpose to be irritating on additional cans is not a challenge whatsoever over the ATH-M40x.

The mid size is that the frequency array at which lots of crucial sound factors dwell -- vocals, guitars -- thus this really is particularly essential in studio track cans, and also the ATH-M40x make it done directly. Mid range is crystal clear and true, using exemplary low-mid thickness.


Even the ATH M40x execute a fantastic work of producing sharp highs with superior depth. You are going to listen to harshness whether it's contained from this combination, yet this couple of cans will not contain some.

Even the sound stage is frequently emphasized and exaggerated in consumer-focused cans, therefore based on which you are listening to, so such can seem slim. Having said that, mixtures which create excellent utilization of stereo distance may seem great about those. Even the ATH M40x transaction a restricted seal to get relaxation, while you will be glad hearing your own songs, anybody neighboring will absolutely get no less than a clue in regard to that which you are playing.


Inch. Clear noise -- All these headsets provide clear sound, the most useful we have needed in phrases of cans in their own price. They truly are best to get'solid tracking inside the studio', however since we have explained earlier: can't you utilize it somewhere else also? The reason why we predict their noise so'crystal clear' could be due of their emphasis placed in most of frequencies -- both the highs, mids and highs. By comparison, a few well-known cans set a lot more effort in lesser frequencies into both very low pass frequencies, like placing two tubes in to the decreased stations (cases incorporate the Beats from Dre which are specifically termed'bass'). Even the 40x has frequencies all over.

2. Quite cozy -- both the headband and ear pads have become tender (somewhat milder compared to prior m-40 ). You'll not believe that average prolonged-headphone annoyance which sometimes does occur (certainly one of those hardest feelings ). They can fit nicely and also the head phones are too light nor overly business. We have exploited our set to 45 hours in one time at the studio and also have not felt pain as people now have along with different cans on the marketplace.

3. Strong lasting -- The M40x sequence are manufactured from pro grade substances which are exceptionally lasting, ergo building the cans survive more compared to additional tracking cans. Not that it's nothing todo with this, nevertheless they're produced in Japan and so aren't these flimsy knock-offs you some times discover on e bay or even Alibaba.

4. Well suited for tracking They develop with swiveling ear cups which produce one-ear tracking more suitable. They are sometimes utilised in a myriad of specialist observation or daily usage tasks even as we have mentioned previously. The main reason observation is cited frequently with such will be on account of the increased frequency interval since we have talked about earlier.

5. Cheap -- The head phones really are costly $100, which makes them exceptionally cheap in comparison to additional tracking cans out there on the industry. A number of the competitions from the studio headset kingdom return to 300!

6. Touring -- both the swivel and folding capacities of this ATH-M40x create sure they are well suited for travel, and of course that the cables that are synonymous to prevent tangling too. They truly are also forty g lighter compared to the M50x.


Inch. Perhaps not bass-heavy -- Many even have whined in their'deficiency of bass', however we do not presume that this is clear if you don't assessing the bass frequencies in these bass-specific cans (we emphasize the optimal/optimally audiotechnica cans for bass ). Even as we have explained, all these really are'studio track' head phones in order to becoming an even more sound across the plank, listening to just about every watch that the artist planned around the blending board.

2. You ought to buy another instance -- The head phones include a carrying tote, nonetheless it really is only fabric and is not far too stable in the event that you should be doing any heavy travel (specially placing them at a tote also it might get chucked round ). That you really don't wish to hazard it. We advocate the Slappa SL-HP-01 Headphone Circumstance (~$26).

3. You cannot utilize the chips that are interchangeable from some other makes -- Now you can just utilize audiotechnica's wires with all the synonymous characteristic. Thus any cooler kinds you have acquired ahead of (possibly for coloration or alternative makes of cans ) are not likely to function.

4. Ear-cups only swivel at ninety levels whilst the M50/M50x are one hundred eighty -- This really is not as well very important for people, however a few assert that this really is because being a con. Perhaps not overly huge of a offer.

audio technica ath-m40x review


Evidently, that the ATH M40x are not quite like the M50x -- in case this has been the scenario, audiotechnica would not market products. Nevertheless, it's astonishing just how these really do capture, and also stepping out the darkness of these larger brother, this really is actually a significant couple of cans. Very long story short: In case you should be searching to get a fantastic couple of cans for either tracking or only for hearing music and also you also don't desire to lose a whole lot of money, then certainly really are a terrific purchase. At $99, the Audio Technica ATH-M40x are still an remarkable thing.

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