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Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog) Review


Technological advancement has revolutionized the world, and the practices followed in every sector. For instance, in the audio sector playing music has exaggerated; thus, new systems have been introduced. From wired to wireless ‘n’ number of systems has been launching every day to enjoy seamless music. The hardware and software that play audio must be encoded in MP3 format. The hardware devices hold the memory card that carries audio files to enjoy the music. Unfortunately, not all audio is available in the form of digital files. There are still a lot of many notable performances are not issued in the form of Compact disk to enjoy the music playing the CD player. Today’s hardware player confines to the user to listen to limited songs as they can play on a vinyl player. In that case, professional Audio-Technica AT-LP120 USB Drive turntable can be a savior. Also, some old audio files that are translated to latest version seem it has lost its originality. So, music lovers get disappointed with the music. To enjoy the old track turntables are necessary. 
Vinyl album plays songs on the spin table; the spin table is also called a a record player. A turntable comes in two forms that are direct forms and belt drives. Turntable with belt drive comes with motors which thrust platter gives direct power to the engine. Direct drive turntable with higher torque enables to play the turntables reliably at a constant speed. This is how DJs practice playing music at events. Typically, the price of direct turntables is high. 
With the evolution of record players, modern systems elevated towards the input from MP3 players, CD, and DVD. Those newly introduced hardware audio inputs create a problem to owners of turntables as the new audio setups do not support Turntable. Understanding these problem record players with the Turntable is being introduced. 
The AT-LP120 professional Turntable comes along with USB connection and analog capability; thus further can use it with a plug or direct audio equipment. This device not just restricted as a tool that transfer records to MP3 but it is also encumbered with all materials that a professional expect from Turntable that includes pitch control, three speeds, ½ inch dual magnet, and DJ functionality soon. AT-LP120 ensures the everlasting operation of the stylus and let you enjoy the audio records. 
How does it work?
The first thing that must be done is to place all the equipment in the right place, set the slip mat on the platform of the turntable device. Lock the arm of the tone after placing the arm and assemble the end of the tonearm by joining the headshell. During holding the headshell, swirl the rings to lock the tonearm to counterclockwise further pull the headshell firmly into its appropriate place. 
With the black stylus gauge together by installing counterweight. Twist the counterweight on top of the tonearm. If required use the dust cover that is made of glass, place into the slots back of turntables. After considering all this can move further to balance the tonearm. This ensures that cartridge works properly and stylus won’t damage the audio records or tear prematurely. In case if you wish to remove the cover by sliding straightly onward in the cartridge. At this point tonearm will be unbalanced make sure the stylus does not damage and let it contact with slip mat. 
Let us know in detail about the AT-LP120 professional Turntable
1.           The professional Turntable makes use of frame design designed by a team of people who have well-versed knowledge about the working. The Turntable a standalone audio player entered the market to support the trend of replay. Speaking this equipment was introduced as an outcome of audio replay in microgroove vinyl records. Many designs have been explored over the years by the manufacturers, amongst them professional AT-LP120 is best as it is noticed for more magnificent base construction. 

audio-technica at-lp120-usb

2.    The professional Turntable holds a rotating platter to carry the audio record and motor to drive it. The engine to drive the sound plate can be played at chosen with different speed and can also regulate the circuitry of the motor. The cartridge comprises stylus that traces the groove on the record. A generator unit in the round forms an electrical signal based on the modulations of the groove, and the stylus will read it. 

audio-technica at-lp120

3.       The Turntable has reverse and forward capability with cast aluminum platter, slip mat, and with a start, stop button. The cartridge comes with three speeds 33, 43, 78 rpm. /along with that pitch lock, pitch slider control, removable hinged cover.  The lever appears to function platter rotation considering with nub behind.                                                                                                  

at lp120

4.        Turntables cartridge would be small but significant in playing the audio files. During the playback process, the stylus performs its job by playing the record. No matter how good the amplifier, speaker or headphones are if the cartridge (stylus) does not work well. When stylus moves an electrical signal that is sent to Turntable which further fed into the amplifier of the audio system, the electrical message sent from stylus will be processed and aids to turn the volume up and down. Also, the signal adds bass or treble further the signal sends to headphones, speakers, or any selected output. 


5.           The AT-LP120 Turntable comes along with Headshell assembly. The benefit of having this headshell is it aids to promote the cartridge in the near future in the case to replace a better tool. The cartridge that is default device in this Turntable gives a high performance thus ensures to provide detailed and clear audio. The AT-LP120 Turntable encompasses soft and delicate cantilever that would become very sensitive to handle that can break easily.  Luckily the device can be replaced easily. 

audio-technica at-lp120-usb direct-drive professional turntable in silver

6.      With its quality, speed, durability, and accuracy this Audio Technica AT120 has made famous in the market. This AT120 Turntable meets the customer expectation. Also, the device is worth the price, and in the near future the device sound quality can be improved by replacing with its components. With the suitable stylus the Turntable gives a great experience to DJ as it can be regulated through speed.  The Turntable accompanies with start/stop, speed indicator, reverse playback, pitch adjustment, and strobe speed indicator.               

audio-technica at-lp120-usb review

7.     The AT-LP120 USB professional turntable comes with high torque motor. High torque indicates the ability to elevate the speed to the desired speed. The unit can go to speed up to 33 1/3 rpm in just 0.7 seconds. Usually, this kind of motor is available in DJ desks. The platter will be mounted directly above the engine to spin the audio files. The direct turntables make some sound, to avoid such noise place a rubber mat.              

audio-technica at-lp120-usb direct-drive professional turntable

8.    The vinyl turntable comprises aluminum platter comes with an indicator that lit by red light during the Turntable is in motion. The red light remains constant when the set speed is on. If the light remains drift in either of the direction, it indicates the speed needs to be modified. The adjustment of the speed is achieved using custom control that is found in the turntable base. 

audio technica

9.    The AT-LP120 Turntable accompanies S-shaped tone arm for adjusting anti-stake, tone arm height, and a counterweight. The S-shape tone arm aids to diminish the tracking errors. The tone arm lift controls the slow descend motion that works based on hydraulic mechanism. The tone arm includes the latch clamp to secure the arm while rotating. To experience the best sound quality of the record player, the tonearm components need to be assembled and adjusted. 

audio technica turntable

10.    The Audio-Technica AT-LP120 USB Direct drive professional includes three types of output ports. They are USB, phono, and Line. Phono is used to switch the PHONO that can be connected through RCA cable with hardwired for preamp selector. While Line comes with RCA cable with preamp selector. The USB port in this Turntable helps in transferring music to a computer. The devices do not demand any individual drivers. The record player comes along with a CD that contains recording software that is termed as Audacity. The software is readily available can be downloaded for free. The software seems difficulty while using in the beginning but after some days it can be used. TO understand the usage of the software better seek the online guide. Some audio receiver and amplifiers hold USB port; the port is for storage devices such as hard disk, memory card, flash drives, etc. The audio will be played through USB port only in live mode and in real time. If the transfer of sound is not possible directly using turntable device then can save your favorite music in the computer later transfer files into storage devices. 


11.       This Turntable has good reviews and customers are using it without any obstacles. The audio- technical user guide is considered very useful as it helps to know about the options of this Turntable. The device is excellent sound quality, many adjustment options, well-written instructions, built-in preamp, with reasonable prices. Dimensions width 450 mm (17.72 inches), depth 352 mm (13.86 inches), and height 157 mm (6.1 inches). The Turntable weighs 10.7 kg (23.5 lbs). The Turntable comes with adjustable feet that come in dampening material and the bottom to isolate external vibrations. 

audio technica lp120

12.     The AT-LP120 USB has a removable transparent dust cover. The dust covers the entire body of Turntable. The platter and tone arm are made of good quality steel. The unit comes in two colors. Two colors are different prices if color is not a priority for you then go for the color which is the lowest. Overall the Audio-Technica AT-LP120 USB has a professional look that has intuitive and familiar layout. 

best turntable

So now are you ready to buy this quality AT-LP120 USB turntable? That is well crafted for music lovers. The audio technica is becoming familiar in the market and also the most demanding device for music lovers. This Turntable can be obtained for a better price. If you are seeking to digitize the music with audio quality, then AT-LP120 is an ideal choice. This audio device is not for the people who are looking for a smooth transfer of audio files to their portable devices or car. It is recommended for users who are seeking for music experience. One significant feature of this Turntable is the device can be improved shortly in terms of sound quality by upgrading the components timely. 
This product works efficiently in transferring the audio file in to digitally. If you are setting up the Turntable for the first time not to worry, Audio Technica AT-LP120 is given along with a manual for easy follow instructions. If you don’t want to risk with the player, then it is better to take the Turntable that is already set up for playback, and it is automatic. 
As the speed of the record can be changed in three terms (78, 45, and 331/3) rpm records it is recommended to switch the cartridges often. Replacing the cartridge is a challenging task so a headshell can be bought that can help to insert easily in the tonearm. For better sound quality the experts recommend to adjust and assemble the tonearm. Further, the tonearm must be balanced using the tracking force and anti-skate. 
The AT-LP120 Turntable comes with a good quality felt mat. The felt mat enables the DJ to manipulate the audio record without damaging. The slipmat ideally, reduces the external vibrations that are intact with stylus through the platter. The mat which comes with the unit must be used as it gives good quality audio, instead of using some other. 

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