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Audioengine A2+ Black (Pr.) 2-Way Powered Speaker System Review


Welcome to the Audioengine family and congratulations on the purchase of this high-end A2 + powered desktop speaker. The Audioengine team strives to provide you with the best listening experience of the highest quality possible. The A2 + is designed with the same attention to detail and operational simplicity as other Audioengine products. Our goal is to integrate your music in the simplest possible way without all the "touch-ups" of gadgets that usually require other products.

Audioengine was created in 2005 with a simple goal: to create a great speaker, is easy to install and use, and users want to listen to music every day.

The main products of Audioengine are self-powered speakers; all-in-one music systems that allow you to connect all your Wireless options (or cable) for optimal stereo sound. They started with a single speaker, the a5; beautiful and straightforward, but versatile enough to be used in your workspace as computer speakers, on stands in your living room or a home theatre installation.

But the Audioengine team wanted to offer even more for its customers. After years of hard work, the versatility of its products has been further enhanced by the offering of a suite of additional audio products that can be used with existing music systems.

Her passion is to help people listen to all their favorite songs because they are supposed to be heard, to discover new music and enjoy it with the best sound quality. And they do exactly what they planned: change the way people listen to music. Today, Audioengine is proud to offer a full range of products that deliver the sound quality of professional studio monitors directly into your living room, without the inconvenience of multi-device stereo receivers or large passive speakers.

Connecting the system
Step 1: connecting the speaker cable

Connect the red (+), and black (-) terminals of the left speaker of the Audioengine A2+ Black (Pr.) 2-Way Powered Speaker System to the corresponding terminals on the right speaker using the supplied speaker cable. Be sure to match the gold side of the speaker wire with the red (+) terminals and the silver side with the black (-) terminals of each speaker. Detailed procedure:

1. use your thumb and finger to unscrew the seal holder connectors.

2. insert each speaker wire into the holes on the side of the seal holder connectors.

3. tighten the seal brackets with your fingers.

4. securely fastened in each connector. Repeat the procedure to connect the other end of the speaker cable to the other speaker. Make sure none of the speaker cable strands has touched an adjacent terminal.

audioengine a2+ bluetooth

Step 2- connecting the power supply
Make sure the volume/power switch on the back panel is in the off position by turning it counter-clockwise until it turns off.

1. connect the DIN power cord from the power supply to the rear DIN power input connector on the speaker. Note: this connector is "closed" for proper alignment. Do not exert excessive force on the connector.

2. connect the ac power cord to the other end of the power supply.

3. connect the ac power cord to a power outlet.

4. check that the led on the power supply is on. Use only the power supplied with the speakers.

Step 3: connecting the audio source
Using the appropriate audio cable (1- to 8-inch mini-jack or RCA), connect the speaker to your audio source (computer, iPod, another mp3 player, etc.).

The speakers include 1/8 "mini-jack audio cables.

Step 4: enjoy the sound
Turn on the volume/power button on the rear panel and set the volume control to an initial set of about 3 hours. The audio source can be set to the desired listening level you can simultaneously connect two audio sources to the Computer Speakers. We recommend using the volume control of each sound source to adjust the overall volume. / or network filter in all electronic equipment.

subwoofer for audioengine a2

Basic troubleshooting if the power led is not lit:
  • Check that the ac power cord is correctly connected to the power source and the ac outlet. The speakers do not sound:
  • Check that the power cable is plugged into the rear panel and that the power supply led is on.
  • Check that the volume/power button on the back panel is lit. It is not set to minimum volume or off (we recommend a position of at least 10 hours).
  • Check that the volume level of your audio source is not at minimum or off. And ensure that the cable that is connected to your audio source is correctly inserted to the correct port (sometimes the 1/8 "cables appear to be fully inserted, but they are not.) If the speakers produce a sound from the left speaker, check that the speaker cables, whether they are correctly connected between the left and right terminals of the speakers. Make sure that the cable connecting your audio source to the speakers is connected adequately if the sound is distorted: decrease the volume of the input audio source and increase the capacity of the speakers.

Plug-and-play for mac or pc: no driver required

  • Integrated analog power amplifiers.
  • Two Analog inputs (RCA and mini jack).
  • USB DAC audio input.
  • Hand finished wood cabinets.
  • Variable audio output
  • Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters.
  • Idle mode of energy saving.
  • Cables included.
  • Works with mac or pc, it is not necessary to install the software.
  • Designed for office use but will fill a room.

It works with:

  • Phone and tablets and all music players.
  • Internet radio and network music systems.
  • Desktops, laptops, notebooks.
  • Flat screen TVs with analog output.
  • Cd and DVD players
  • Console games
  • Digital radio and satellite receivers.
  • All products with mini 1/8 "connectors or RCA outputs!

What's in the box:

  • 1x pair of a2 + amplified speakers with audio
  • 1x 2m (16 AWG) speaker cable
  • 1x power supply and cable
  • 1.5 m audio cable with mini jack
  • 1.5m USB cable
  • 2x microfiber speaker bags
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x brochure

The mandatory office experiences
The Audioengine a2 + acoustic speakers are the gold standards for Computers & Accessories audio. These small but powerful speakers are the perfect upgrade for all your music.

Everyone knows the difference between custom-made products and the general disappointment of mass-produced products. The a2 + has been designed and built by hand to exceed expectations in terms of value and performance. These small desktop speakers have a significant impact, making it the reference system for small office and small office audio configurations.

The a2 + powered speakers have accumulated a vast collection of awards from wired, sound quality & vision, Gizmodo, the perfect sound, pc-mag, and many more.

Audioengine a2 + office speakers
A bright, complete, and powerful sound, ideal for your office and your small rooms. A2 + desktops are made with custom Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters and built-in power amplifiers wrapped in hand-crafted and precision-crafted furniture. The bass was removed from the a2 + with an ingenious acoustic and electrical design without the use of digital signal processing or bass boosting circuitry. To say that the bass of the a2 + is essential for its size is perhaps a euphemism, but you are the judge.

Technical specifications

  • Type: multimedia 2.0 desktop speaker system (active)
  • Amplifier type: monolithic ab double class
  • Output power: 60w maximum power (15w RMS / 30w peak per channel), as
  • Inputs: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, RCA, USB
  • Outputs: RCA variable line output
  • Input bit depth: up to 16 native bits


Your Audioengine loudspeakers have been thoroughly tested and inspected before being packaged and shipped. After unpacking, check for damage. It is rare for a device to be damaged during transport, but if this happens, contact the transport company immediately. We recommend that you keep the original box and packing material for future shipping.

Your A2 + speakers are designed to be used for years without maintenance, as long as they are not exposed to moisture or high temperatures. Hand-finished MDF wood cabinets are very durable and can be easily cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. We do not recommend the use of cleaners or solvents.

For un-obstructed listening at the front or back, place your Audioengine 2+ speakers in a comfortable place. If you find that raising them at an angle produces the best sound, you can easily do this by adding the DS1 desk mounts (available separately).

Be sure to keep at least 3 inches of free space at the back of the cabinet for good air circulation.

Problem information
If the electric lights do not light:

  • Check the power cord attached to the power supply and AC outlet.
  • Check the power of electricity is stable.

If speakers do not receive the voice:

  • Check that the electrical cable is mounted on the back and has an electric power supply.
  • Check if the volume/volume is not set at the top of the top (at least one case at 10 am).
  • Check your high level of audio resources that will not be deleted or deleted.
  • The cable from the audio input to the speakers should be checked properly

If speakers receive voice from the left speaker and not from the right:
Symbol of the connection of speakers directly connected between left and right drivers.

If the sound is interrupted:
Reduce the amount of voice use and expand the speaker volume.

If you have any questions or problems we can help, please do not hesitate to send us at or free of charge at: (877) 853-4447
audioengine a2 speakers

Period of guarantee
Your warranty is automatic, so you do not need to register. This limited warranty only applies to Audioengine products purchased in the Americas. For more information on the limited warranty, contact your Audioengine distributor.

What is covered?
All defective parts or faulty manufacture. Detailed instructions in the installation guide.

What we will do
We will repair or replace any defective part, at our discretion, within a reasonable time and without charge at any time during the warranty period. After the service, we will be responsible for sending you the product ourselves.What we ask you
You will be responsible for shipping or transportation costs directly to Audioengine or an authorized reseller. We recommend that you keep the original shipping material as it is essential to pack the product so that it is not damaged during shipping. Audioengine cannot be held responsible for damage caused during shipment by incorrect packaging. You must wrap your package well and make sure you secure it.

How to obtain the Audioengine warranty service

audioengine a2+ alternative

If you have questions about warranty coverage or if you think you need assistance, email Audioengine Authorized Service Center at or called the toll free number in the US at the address: (877) 853-4447. We will do our best to answer your questions and resolve any problem as soon as possible.

Exclusive remedy

This limited warranty is fully transferable provided that the current owner offers the original proof of purchase and contains the original proof of purchase and that the product serial number is intact. Audioengine's maximum liability does not exceed the actual purchase price you paid for the product. In no event shall Audioengine be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or consequential damages.

Product Returns and Refunds
Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you encounter a problem or are not satisfied with the Audioengine products, please email us at or call the United States toll free at (877) 853-4447. Audioengine designs and manufactures innovative audio products taking into account all your music. The things which make Audioenginestand apart from its competitors are Its excellent, simple but elegant designs, high-quality materials, and useful features. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we have created them! For more information on our other products, visit So buy a product from us, and you will receive the best product and service that you desire.

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