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Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair Review


Audio Engine right from its inception has aimed at giving its customers a high-quality listening experience. What has made them stand apart is they have beautifully managed to achieve this by providing customers with affordable products. Their products are incredibly high-quality that is easy to use. They have lived up to their performance with the Audio Engine A5+. It is their best selling product to date. 

audioengine a5+

audioengine a5

The product specifications of the Audio Engine A5+-

Built-in power amplifiers, 50 watts per channel RMS
Improved thermal management
Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters with solid carbonized bamboo case
Compatible with any computer (Mac or PC)
Remote control, 1/8" and RCA inputs, USB power, all cables included
RCA and mini-jack audio inputs
Front panel volume control
USB power charge port
Variable preamp audio output
Gold-plated connectors
Full-size 5-way speaker binding posts
Cables included
Stand-mount 1/4″ threaded inserts
Product Dimensions    7.8 x 7 x 10.8 inches
Item Weight    25 pounds

5 speakers


Works With
Any computer (Mac or PC)
iPod, iPhone, and iPad (all phone and tablets)
Audioengine wireless audio adapters
Apple Airport Express + AirPlay
Any product with mini-jack or RCA outputs
Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
Hand-built MDF wood cabinets
Magnetically shielded
Advance tuned cabinet with rear-ported waveguide

What the brand says about the speakers-

You won't hear any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass from these powered speakers. The low end from the A5+ Powered Speakers is real bass, very near to the originally-recorded music. From rap to classical to movies, you'll get tight, punchy bass with an impressive growl that will make you smile – regardless of the volume level.


The A5+ Powered Speakers are bookshelf speakers that pack a big sound, filling any room. No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. Connect your phone, computer, TV, turntable or any other audio gear for excellent stereo sound in any room.

bookshelf speakers


audioengine speakers


It was time to unbox the speakers. The one we ordered was the Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair (Carbonized Solid Bamboo). We loved the packaging it came in. It came in a large box that had a lot of foam padding — a point crucial with speakers since they require a lot of protection. Inside the box, each of the speakers come wrapped in a microfiber bag. The bags will fulfill the purpose only until you open to put the speakers to use. The bags do not do much to protect the speakers, but of course, save the speakers from getting any scratches. Also, the material of the bags is of a very soft quality. The Audioengine A5+ comes with remote control and speaker wire, a mini-jack and a set of audio cables. The A5+ has smoothly rounded edges. 

audioengine 5+

We ordered the Carbonized Solid Bamboo, but it comes in three colors otherwise. Glossy white, matte black and of course, bamboo like the one we ordered. 

They do not come with any grills. It gives them a cool look like those of studio monitors. It, however, has a drawback. Speakers without grills leave the 5 inches Kevlar woofers, and silk tweeters unprotected. Often kids find the woofer section of speakers intimidating. In case you have kids at home, make sure you keep the speakers out of their reach.

powered speakers with subwoofer

powered speakers pair

The size of the speakers is that of typical bookshelves. They are 11 inches high, 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. They make crowd smaller desks. If you are looking for excellent sound quality, this one is for you! 

They have got the cabinets handcrafted from India. They are pretty heavy for their size. The build quality of the speakers is excellent, a class that defines most Audio Engine speakers. The in-house team of the company designs all of the products from the brand. They use quality parts and materials that have loved by people and audio enthusiasts. 

bookshelf stereo system review

On the front of the left speaker, there is an indicator light, a remote control sensor and a volume knob. In case you want to mute the speakers, press the knob like a button. 

white powered speakers

On the back of the speaker, there are two audio inputs, mini and RCA, a variable out for a subwoofer, a USB jack to supply power and a set of speaker connections to wire up the other speaker. All of these connections mean you can connect up to two sources and even connect a subwoofer later. The Audio Engine A5+ have powered speakers. It means you would not need other amplifiers or speakers to power them. 

active speaker system

audioengine review

loudspeakers amazon

It makes them a complete and very versatile system. The speakers are great for your desks, a simple turntable set up next to your TV or anywhere where you want great sound but don't have room for a bunch of gear. The built-in amplifier is an AudioEngine proprietary design that has been fine-tuned specifically for the A5+ speakers. 

It is mounted inside the speakers using a unique shock-mounted system to reduce vibrations. As is the case with most speakers, the A5+ benefits from some burn in time. After about 24 hours, the speakers produce a sound that is well balanced without the perceived base bump that you usually get with smaller desktop speakers. 


The highs are smooth, and they have excellent stereo imaging. In a sense, these are real speakers. There is no comparison of the speakers of the Audio Engine A5+ to other computer systems. One of the most outstanding features of these speakers is their rhythm and pasting. With a powered system like A5+, everything has been designed to work together. It provides an excellent sense of rhythm, particularly with live performances. 

While most desktop systems shut down if you try to drive them hard, the A5+ can be pushed to their max and still hold it together. A truly effective delivery for the price you pay for the speakers. To take your listening experience to the next level, try to pair the A5+ speakers with an Audio Engine d1 digital to audio converter for even better sound or the B1 Bluetooth receiver to allow streaming from your mobile device. 


Overall, we feel the Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair (Carbonized Solid Bamboo) is one of the best audio speakers in the market that gives you extraordinary value. 

powered bookshelf speakers

They work great as a computer music system or is a great starter audio system. We have seen a lot of customers buy it as an entry-level turntable and phono stage to create a complete final playback system for just under $1000.

audioengine speakers

Whether you are an audio enthusiast looking for a desktop solution or you want to get into higher performance listening, the Audio Engine A5+ powered speakers are a great solution. 

audioengine a5

In 2005 Audioengine was founded with a simple goal: Build a great speaker, is easy to set up and use, and that makes people want to listen to music every day.

Audioengine's core products are powered speakers; all-in-one music systems which allow you to connect all your devices wirelessly (or wired) for excellent stereo sound.  They started with just one powered speaker, the A5; beautiful and straightforward, yet versatile enough to be used in your workspace as computer speakers, on stands in your living room, or in a home theater setup.

These speakers are the updated version of Audio Engine's highly rated five series PC speakers. They look a lot like the original five, but they are slightly bigger and have some small but essential design tweaks. Like improved sound quality and of course a higher selling price. These models are classic bookshelf speakers powered by a standard AC plug. It means it does not require a separate receiver or amplifier. Hence you can use them with any audio source. 

audioengine a5+ review

The Audio Engine A5+ comes with a 20-millimeter silk dome plus. The left speaker has the amplifier which is 50 watts per channel. It is a little heavier than the right speaker. The left and right speakers connect with real speaker wires that come with it. You also get analog inputs cable that allows you to connect your PC to the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input on the back of the left speaker. The 5+ has a new thermal system for keeping the amplifier fresh and the design has also been upgraded in terms of connectivity. 

In the previous five series model, you could directly plug in an Apple Airport Express into the output turning the speakers into an iTunes streamer via Apple's air Tunes functionality. The company has done away with that now with the newer model which now has a second pair of composite input jacks as well as outputs for connecting a subwoofer. 

It is not equipped with AC power anymore like the previous model. These Audio Engine speakers are manufactured in China. The A5+ has wireless options where you can connect it to a device through Bluetooth. If you dislike phone cables or are a wireless lover, these definitely should be up your alley. 

5 speakers

The sound is well-balanced without much of a bass bump that you experience with most bookshelf speakers. The high notes sound smooth like silk all thanks to their silk dome tweeter. 

audioengine 5+

Over the years we have tried different bookshelf speakers from various brands, but Audio Engine bookshelf speakers have been by far the best. 

The rhythm and pace are great apart from its quality of tones. The wireless audio and one wired has marginal differences, and this is something that requires a substantial deal of engineering. 

great black speakers

Though the speakers are small, their stereo imaging is spectacular. These qualities make these pair of Audio Engine speakers a fun and excellent addition as Home Audio products. 

powered speakers pair

We tried streaming audio from a smartphone. It delivered spectacular sound. We also tried connecting it to our TV. The sound was rich and full. 

powered speakers review

We wish there were a remote control for the subwoofers. The speakers deliver a punchy base and plenty powerful enough to fill a small room. The treble definition is superb. 

We thought some of the competitors of the Audio Engine A5+ could be and powered options like the KEF Egg, iLoud Micro Monitor or the Edifier R1280T.

As we had the Edifier R1280T handy in the review room, we tried testing the quality of sound on both the speakers. Both are powered, bookshelf speakers. The Edifier R1280T has a 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors, is a Studio Monitor Speaker and comes in a wooden enclosure with a 42 Watts RMS.

As you can already make the features stand quite similar to the Audio Engine A5+. Interestingly, when we tested out both the speakers on different genres of music and a mix of many, the Audio Engine speakers delivered much better for both the bass and treble. Plus the transition was much smoother in addition to the silk soft high notes. 

Like we earlier mentioned, the speakers come in three color variations. That is a matte black, a glossy white and the one we ordered is the swanky carbonized solid bamboo. The black and the white varieties come for $399. The bamboo version, on the other hand, is priced at $469. All the colors come with the same features, and there is no difference in the elements. 

The Edifier R1280T is for $99 and as we have already stated that the sound quality of the Audio Engine speakers is much better. If you do not mind splurging and is someone who understands sound better, then please go that extra mile and get yourself the Audio Engine A5+. 

audioengine a5

All Audioengine products come with a three-year warranty on parts and labor, and the warranty is transferable from the date of purchase even if you've bought a used product.

audio engine

The speakers deliver big rich sound with deep tight bass and excellent clarity, and they also play very loud. They're great as a home office setup, plus for a turntable. With so many positives, we recommend the Audion Engine A5+ if you are looking out for wireless bookshelf speakers. They're a standout in the market for their quality, and you would not regret buying them!

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