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Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speakers, Powered Bluetooth Speakers (Pair) Walnut Product Review


Audio is something that varies from person to person. The quality of the audio is one of the most important aspects of listening. To craft the perfect sound, it takes a significant amount of dedication and hard work. Moreover, similarly, to play them, one needs to have the best quality audio device. There may be speakers available in the market in a very less price, but if you are someone, who longs to hear the best quality music, then the premium range of speakers from Audioengine should be your first pick. 

audioengine hd3

Audioengine has come up with a premium range of speakers that are Bluetooth enabled, and they come with integrated DAC. With these range of speakers, Audioengine has brought its traditional audio quality. Excellent sound quality has been its legacy. Audioengine still carries it to the contemporary market of digital music. The product has been tested under various circumstances, and they proved their ability to have the edge over any other product in the market. Many publications from its inception have praised the products from Audioengine. It is the quality that pays. The top of the line HD3 series of speakers is a zenith of the research and development from the past 13 years. When you buy an Audioengine set of speakers, you not only get the high-quality product but also you get loads of premium features that none in the market offers.  



audioengine hd3 review


hd3 wireless speakers

The Audioengine Bookshelf Speakers comes with wide-ranging connectivity options. It has got Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, 3.5 mm jack and RCA input. With the help of Bluetooth, this device can be connected to any of your methods like MAC, PC, Laptop, and smartphone. You can also combine these devices with the help of the USB interface as well as through the 3.5 Jack. The sound quality that you get from these speakers is just out of the world, and you also get a good range of wireless connectivity over Bluetooth. You can be away from the device by 30 meters and still will be able to listen to something premium. The device comes equipped with aptX HD drivers for Bluetooth which makes it possible to bypass the low-quality sound card of your playing device with its high range sound card. It delivers premium sound quality that is soothing to your ears as well as lets you an extended range of wireless connectivity.
Output Amplified:

audioengine hd3 subwoofer

The Audioengine A2+ Black (Pr.) 2-Way Powered Speaker System comes equipped with a professional level amp which creates a fantastic sound layer all over the place it is played. These desktop speakers come with a peak output power of 60 W. This pair makes available for some great home audio speakers. You can also place these speakers on the stand for a more soothing acoustic effect that surrounds all over the room creating a mesmerizing effect.  The HD3 also comes with a premium quality Analog amplifier for the headphones. The amp is too powerful to even power devices from an in-ear earphone to even high power planar magnetic devices.

wireless speakers

When you purchase an Audioengine HD3 you don’t just bring the product to your household, you, in reality, bring some of the devices that are going to change your taste of music and would also redefine music listening experience in your home. With the Audioengine HD3 wireless speakers set you to get wireless speakers, Bluetooth receiver, speaker wire of 2 mt. Length, power supply. Audio and USB cables, setup guides and microfiber protection kits for connecting power cables and speakers.


Audioengine is a unique name in the music and speaker industry. It is based out of Austin, Texas. It has been an independent speaker company since its inception in the year 2005. The company was founded with a modest and straightforward objective of providing the best quality sound with speakers that are easy to operate and would entice its listeners to listen to their favorite tracks every single day. The Audioengine range of products is widespread in the segment of powered speakers and all in one system. All the speaker units come with wireless connectivity. The products are made in such a manner that they can use in a wide range of areas. You can keep the speakers in your living room connected with the TV unit. If you wish you can use them as your desktop or laptop speakers. They are versatile in a real sense, and at the same time, they are beautiful and stunning. Their presence would add a charm to the living space. With the all in one system you can also create a home theatre inside your home. This exceptional level of sound quality and versatility has only been possible because of the years of hard work. It has pushed the levels high and has created a standard of their own. This passion has also made a lot of audiences their fan, and they love to hear all of their favorite songs on the Audioengine HD3. With time, Audioengine has been able to offer professional like sound quality in the household and also comes with studio alike monitors. 

audio engine

If you are still not convinced about the brand, then there is something that would make you fall for it without any worries. The product comes with a warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers limited parts of the products and labor. 
Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth and Optical Input - 2.0 Studio Monitor Speaker - Built-in Amplifier with Subwoofer Line Out

audioengine speakers

There will be instances when this miniaturized set of influential speakers will fool you. So, never make out a decision on the powerful sound effect from its dimension. The Audioengine HD3 wireless speaker system is crafted out of some of the excellent materials that are robust and durable for life. In the process of making these products, aramid fiber woofers, premium Bluetooth aptX-HD, silk tweeters and powerful amps for used. All these products are put to place in precision, and they are also tuned to perfection in between the handmade cabinets. The cabinets of the speaker system are made from hand to provide the best sound that is crystal clear and powerful to fill your room with magic all around. It is a complete package in a nutshell. Each of the materials used is of the highest quality and meet the market standards to the maximum levels. Moreover, the product comes loaded with all the bells and whistles one may need in day to day use. The Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS is an accurate value for money product.  

audio engine speakers

What makes it different from other players in the market?
The Audioengine HD3 is a product that is a class apart and is quite ahead of its competitors. No matter what the surrounding is, these speakers would provide the best music sensation to create magic in the air. The Audioengine HD3 is capable of delivering the high-end warm, rich, full stereo sound that makes available for a magical surround sound effect in your living spaces.  

good desktop speakers

The product offers an excellent range of connectivity inputs and also it has got wireless connectivity employing Bluetooth that can operate from a distance of about 30 meters. So you would never find it difficult to stream your music directly to the device. It would be just being a brisk and also it adds to convenience as you don't need to move near the device to play your favorite audio.  

audioengine dac

It is a decidedly more straightforward device as compared to others in comparison to the setting up procedure and ease of operation. It has got a straightforward setup process. Moreover, you don't need to have any additional equipment to install and set up the product. It doesn't even need any smartphone app, receivers, and network setup for operation. It's a simplified plug and play device that has got excellent quality output and listening experience employing these small speakers. When you get hold of these speakers, you can listen to music without any hassle. These speakers are powered via USB and can be used as desktop and laptop speakers. There are no buttons to be pushed and also no passwords to be entered. This speaker unit comes alive in just some fractions of a second and is ready to play anything you wish.

powered desktop speakers

The last thing that makes it a great audio device and this is also where the Audioengine scores high is the versatility segment. It is a very versatile product as it is compatible with many products as well as it can work seamlessly with any music streaming application downloaded over the mobile phone. It is one of the powerful speaker units that has been miniaturized and still it works superb with all the apps and devices, no matter what you use to listen to music in your day to day life. It supports music streamed from Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, and the list continues for long. All these apps get connected with the system instantly.
All set to surprise you.
The Audioengine HD3 range of speakers are compact in size, but the fact that would surprise you is the level of sound clarity and overall surround effect. They are surprisingly loud than any of their competitors. These speaker units continue to use some of the old school technicalities. They make use of Analog power amplifiers which are old school. They have been tuned to perfection to perform class apart than any of the digital amplifier available in the market at recent times. The speaker unit delivers a peak power output of 60W, and the USB audioA offers input in the range of 16 bit up to 48kHz. 

wireless powered speakers

Perfect for any occasion
The design of the speaker set is kept minimalistic, and they offer high aesthetic values in the area they placed. It would enhance the overall look of the living room as well as your study room. Being highly versatile these speakers can be used with your TV unit as well as with your desktop and laptops. They can be a great mate for your studio setup and home theatres. No matter where they are used, the quality of sound is what it matters. With a great promise, Audioengine has launched the HD3 lines of the wireless speaker unit.  
Music has been part and parcel of everyone's life. It starts with the right speaker unit that can deliver a high quality of sound that can be able to create magic in the room. The Audioengine HD3 is made to provide the same. It is going to transform your music into real terms. So, it's time to bring home this great product and start using it for all your music and audio needs. They have been designed to crucial audio output in a variety of scenarios like cinema, music, sports, and many other genres. You will get the required tuned to perfection bass and treble effects. Moreover, the product is straightforward to set up and use. So, that you don't need to set up the equalizer now and then.
The verdict
It is an excellent value for money product. It would be a definite pick if music fascinates you over anything else and you prefer to listen to music that is of excellent quality and perfection. You would be impressed by the clarity of the music output. The Audioengine HD3 series speakers is a very renowned speaker unit. It is available at all the leading brick and mortar stores. As well as you can also get one from the any of the e-commerce stores and get it delivered right at your doorstep within no time. Now you can sit back in the comforts of your home and listen to something that would wave your mind. 

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