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AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker with Outdoor Loud Sound Review


In recent times the development of computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets has been constant every time these devices are more prepared for the reproduction of visual leisure content. However, what about the sound? The quality of the screens and their resolution increases significantly every few months and offers us a better visual experience. However, for this experience to be the most complete and satisfactory we cannot forget the importance of audio, and it is here, where we often find the weakest link in this constant development for multimedia products. This is why it becomes increasingly important to have good external speakers.

Powerful Key Features:

Below are some of the main features of the AUKEY Portable Speaker:

  • Additional seals for more excellent safety of operation against any weather
  • AUKEY presents a control panel
  • Great variety of designs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Established in the micro USB port portable audio system
  • It has an integrated microphone
  • The AUKEY portable speakercan reach30-Hour Playtimeof continuous playback
  • Approximate charging time of 4h
  • It isWaterproof IPX7
  • Driver Counter
  • Built-in stereo speaker

aukey rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker

Technical specifications of the AUKEY wireless speaker:

  • Total weight: 635g
  • 20W Bass Sound
  • Jack 3.5mm connections
  • Its frequency response is 70Hz - 20kHz
  • The capacity of the Lithium-Ion Battery 5200mAh

Also, with the shipment you will receive:

  • Speaker with USB AUKEY
  • Manual
  • Hard travel case
  • The respective micro USB cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable,sound great
  • Reset pin
  • User Manual

Advantages of the AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker

Discover now the benefits that will make you the envy of all your friends. This time we will take a tour and review the advantages offered by wireless Bluetooth speakers. There is a wide range of multimedia speakers available in the market, but within all these options, Bluetooth speakers withEnhance Bass are undoubtedly the right choice as these are accompanied by several advantages. Next, we will see some:

It is waterproof

One of the many advantages of the AUKEYPortable Speakers & Docksbut which stands out without any doubt among any wireless audio system is its water resistance.The AUKEY USB speaker continues to play the sound in its usual quality still submerged.

Great Variety of Designs

The designs of powerful andPortable Bluetooth Speakersare very diverse, both in colours and in prints, which gives higher freedom when choosing the model that best resembles your personality.

Comfortable Size and Easy to Transport

The size of this Bluetooth audio system is quite small for all the benefits that your use brings. It has the presence of excellent sound power in contrast to its measurements: small size, high loudness.

This makes this AUKEY wireless sound system much more comfortable to transport. Thus, you can take it wherever you are without worrying about any space or transportation.

Long Charge Duration

One of the many positive points of the AUKEY wireless sound system is the long durability of its battery, up to 30 hours without any pause andDurable Design Backyard, this allows you to be away from any plug during along timejourney.

Excellent connectivity

This wireless speaker has a variety of connectivity, as it has a multipoint counter that allows you to pair more Bluetooth devices. This powerful portable Bluetooth speaker also has an input AUX that will enable you to play other audios by connecting it through a simple audio connection. Also, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack. UsePortable Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Speakers for Home party campingalso.

They do not need cables.

It is undoubtedly one of the essential features of Bluetooth technology. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, not needing extra cables to connect to the playback equipment is a great advantage.

Portable design

Bluetooth speakers are easily transportable from one place to another are usually of small size but offer good sound power. These speakers can quickly be taken to the office, the beach, the gym,Outdoors, Travel, Pool, Home Party (Orange), etc. and with it, you can enjoy music anywhere.

They consume little battery.

The latest technologies in Bluetooth speakers are optimized for a low level of energy expenditure so you can use them for hours without worrying about the end of thebattery life.

Sound quality

The sound quality of these speakers is generally much higher,loud and clear than that offered by the integrated speakers in portable computers, the order is, tablets or mobile phones, thereby improving the experience of any multimedia content and in addition to, of course, being the optimal way to listen to your favourite songs.

Other advantages of having wireless speakers (and maybe you hadn't thought about them)

Probably listening to music is the highest use that you give to your speakers, but despite having speakers that you can quickly move, and also offer Stereo Pairing, other advantages, and possibilities that perhaps you should take advantage of or explore. Here we propose some of them.

Not only music, but cinema is also portable

This is probably the most obvious, and that is why we are going to start with it. If you buy good speakers, you can set up a Home Cinema at home in a moment. Surely you are mine, and you usually watch movies or series lying on the bed, or on the sofa, where you feel like it at that time, and we all know that the quality of the speakers that accompany the laptops is not of the best quality. Before I had wireless speakers, I used to either settle for the sound of the computer or, if I was in the same room where I had the desk speakers, hook them to the audio output of the machine. I find it very comfortable to be able to enjoy a quality sound when I am watching a movie just by changing my portable room speaker. My computer is portable, my mouse too, why can't the speakers be?

Make your speaker "your source of knowledge."

In addition to music, podcasts take up a lot of the use of my speakers. The podcasting is a form of a distribution media file and is the means used by radio and prominent bloggers to spread their radio programs. I recognize that I am a big fan of them and, in addition to listening to it regularly when I go down the street or the subway, when I am at home, for example, cooking, I usually look to one of my favourite podcasts.

The good thing about podcasts is that it is a source of fun and knowledge that allows you to be multitasking, and you can be doing another task at the same time, such as cooking or showering. In addition to the well-known radio programs, there are thousands of podcasts of different themes with which you can learn anything or relax listening to something interesting.

Although to listen to a radio program you do not need speakers with excellent technical characteristics, if I advise you not to buy the cheapest ones on the market, you will regret it later. You will need, for example, speakers with power since there will be times that you would like to listen to podcasts while doing another task in which there is some background noise(such as a kitchen fire or a shower). Persolmente, before using wireless speakers, I played the podcasts through the speaker of my phone but, after some attempts, I gave up, because either I did not know well or the sound was distorted a little.

Another point to keep in mind is that the speaker has a clear sound at a moderately high volume. This is especially important if you listen to radio programs in other languages or are learning some. I have experience in both situations and my hearing and knowledge of foreign languages much appreciated having quality speakers since it allowed me to be able to understand words or phrases much better than perhaps with speakers that distort the sound at a high volume. I would have been able to distinguish.

Enjoy live sports

As we discussed with movies or series, there is another situation where you would appreciate having wireless speakers with which to improve the sound of your laptop.

I am sure that more than once you have watched a football match through a foreign television through the laptop and you have deactivated the sound to synchronize some Internet radio programs so that they go at the same speed as the images. And all this, with the game started and your friends protesting because they can't watch the game because you're determined to "listen to the sports carousel." The solution is easy: leave the laptop alone with the broadcast of the game, download an app to listen to the radio with a few seconds of delay and play the sound of your mobile through your speakers. Better sound quality and you will save yourself protests by having to do all this on the laptop screen with the game already started.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your music with optimal sound quality anywhere, we give you the keys to choose the best Bluetooth speaker. What are the technical considerations that you should take into account? What are the best Bluetooth speakers on the market? We give you all the answers so that you choose the speaker most adapted to your needs and do not stop listening to music at any time.

The music is part of our daily lives; there's no doubt. With the advance of new technologies, the way of listening to it has undergone a real revolution. Now we have all our favourite playlists on our smartphones through streaming music platforms, such as Amazon Music Unlimited or Spotify, where we can find all the music we want, at the moment we want, without limit.

The experience whenlistening to musichas also taken a 360 turn during the last years. Thespeakersthat have just arrived on the market offer usoptimum sound quality,in a portable way to be able to listen to music anywhere only by connecting to our smartphones and at very affordable prices.

If you are looking for aportable speakerto listen to your music with sound quality, whether at home, at parties with friends or when you are travelling, you will have noticed that the variety of this type of products is extensive and sometimes not you know where to start. So that you can choose the perfectBluetooth speakerfor the use that you want to give and spending little money, we give you all the details that you have to take into account before getting your own.

Technical specifications, what should you consider?

The type of connectivity:there are several types of speakers in terms of the kind of connectivity they include. Typically, all the speakers on the market include a 3.5 mm Jack inputso that you connect the speaker to your Smartphone, you will avoid connection problems, but you will lose the benefits that a wireless speaker offers you.

Another option is the speakers withWi-Fi connectivity.They are not our recommendation since their use is restricted to places where you have access to the network, so you will be limited when using it outdoors or if you travel.

Our choiceBluetooth speakers, which allow you to connect to your Smartphone by simply activating this option.

Sound quality:To know whatsound qualityyou will have with eachBluetooth speaker onthe market, you must combine the power of the product, with other technical specifications such asloud enoughsound,RMS, a value that indicates the power of the amplifier, the frequency range (at a higher range frequency, more top quality) or impedance (lower impedance, better speaker quality).

Other important specifications

Battery: If you want to use your Bluetooth speaker, especially outside the home, you will have to take into account the autonomy it offers. However, if you are going to use it mainly to listen to music at home, it will be easier for you to charge it often and you will not need to invest in a Bluetooth speaker with a powerful battery.But this AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker with Outdoor Loud Sound offers15H Playtimeafter 2 hours of charging.

Dust/water resistant:This factor also depends a lot on the type of use you want to give the speaker. If you often go on excursions or trips and use the outdoor speaker, it is convenient that it offerswaterproof ipx7features and dust to prevent moisture, splashing of water or dirt from damaging it sooner than you expect.

Mini version / powerful speaker: Like all the technical specifications that we have detailed before, you should know what you are going to use your speaker to choose the most suitable for you. If you are going to give it a primary use, to listen to music with excellent sound quality at home or in meetings with friends, there are mini Bluetooth speakers on the market that offer exquisite punchy soundquality for its size. They are very comfortable because you can transport them anywhere without taking up space. Larger speakers offer more power and autonomy if you want to invest in better sound quality and appreciate bass with quality.

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