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Bose Solo TV Sound System Review


Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System with Universal Remote Control has come up with all new appearances to assail the ears and make the audio experience a lifetime one. Speakers are some of the most different gadgets of the modern world. The auditory Diaspora of Human Beings covers a large section of perceptions. Man's sense of perceiving the world much depends on the knowledge of hearing as it is for the sense of sight. Whatever is auditory is amalgamated with the visuals to give a holistic view of the world. In short, the tools which help in facilitating the hearing activities need modernization and betterment.

The Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System with Universal Remote Control is one of such devices that are in high demand in today's world.

These gadgets aim at giving an experience of hearing that cannot be availed in any other speakers. The technological outfit of this gadget is made in the aptest manner that the user gets all round satisfaction.

The highly sensible speakers of the system catch up even the faintest sound. The technological aspects of this gadget enable a holistic way of listening. The experience the user shall have through this gadget cannot be found anywhere else. Bose CineMate GS Series II Digital Home Theatre Speaker System is a gadget that almost has no competitor in the market today.

Some details about Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System.


  • The measurements of the sound system are 548 * 70 * 86mm. The sleek and beautiful measurements enable the gadget for being set at all corners. There is no need for installing extra wall brackets for the device. This gadget can be made to fit anywhere. It can be mounted on a wall solo. It can be attached to any existing wall bracket. The weight of the living room sound is minimal. The little 6.35 kg weight is just apt for it to be set up at any space and place. Thus there is no need to buy new furniture for this gadget as it is a necessity for others of the same types. The absolute measurement and the weight of the product make just the most wanted in every household where it can not only be installed quickly but also reinstated safely. The single wall mount can be easily toggled to give a superior sound output.

Design and Remote

  • The design of the gadget is just apt for being used by all and sundry. The design is sleek and beautiful. The assembling and the color combination is just the fittest for being used anywhere. The buttons have a special glowing characteristic which is very essential for using it even in the dark surroundings.
  • Bose essentially created the "lifestyle" home audio class; therefore it's stunning the corporate has been slow to embrace sound bars. Notwithstanding, the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System ($400 street) could be a robust providing within the booming soundbar market. It utilizes a pedestal style wherever the TV sits directly on prime that reduces litter and simply plain appearance higher. The Solo plays to any or all of Bose's strengths, with a refined style, easy setup, and an amazing remote. Sound quality is thus not compromised and absolutely apt for being used in the homes of all stands.

Surround sound
bose solo 5 tv sound system deals

  • There is no compromise in sound quality. Whereas the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System undoubtedly sounds higher than your TV's inherent speakers, the competitor Bose Solo 15 Series Z-Base 420 ($300 Street) sounds higher for less cash, though it does not look as beautiful. And more-traditional sound bars just like the Hailer SBEV40-Slim sound higher than each, with their sound quality, generally braced by a separate, wireless subwoofer.
  • But that should not shut down lifestyle-centric patrons WHO are not primarily targeted on obtaining the most natural sound for his or her buck. If you are merely searching for a lift over your TV's speakers that appear excellent in your front room, the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System is a straightforward decides.

Design and features: Refined and minimalistic

Bose CineMate GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System pioneered the pedestal sound bar style, with what is basically an enormous, black MDF box that sits underneath your TV. The surround sound appearance OK nose to nose, however, its sharp edges and hollow feel still render its style a small amount coarse.

The Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System features by all odds utterly different trend. There is a higher-quality feel as before long as you pull it out of the box, although its cupboard is created of plastic. The Solo feels solid, associated its serpentine edges, and matte-gray end provides it an aesthetic advantage over the Bose Solo TV sound of 15 Series and Speaker Craft CS3. Say what you'll concern nuclear physicist; however, the corporate is aware of the way to style enticing product.

  • Like alternative pedestal-style sound bars, the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System is meant to sit down underneath your TV, instead of ahead of it, like more-traditional sound bars. I've long been a lover of the unlettered look of pedestal sound bars that additionally avoid the bothersome issue of block your TV remote detector. The long list of users who have been using the Bose systems says the Solo will handle TVs up to only forty pounds, and solely recommends mistreatment it with TVs up to thirty-seven inches and a few lighter 42-inch TVs. It is an excellent appropriate most 32-inches, however too tiny to support more and more in style 46-inch and bigger sets.
  • The sole style flub is that the lack of a front-panel show, that is enclosed on the competitor Bose Solo 15 Series II TV sound system. It's undoubtedly not essential. However, it's nice to possess, therefore the visual feedback, so you recognize whether or not you are about to most volume; otherwise you still have some headroom.

Bose Solo remote compared to others

  • The Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System remote, compared with the significantly busier remotes from Bose Solo 15 Series, and Speaker Craft.
  • I've usually complained concerning the chintzy, credit-card-style remotes typically enclosed with sound bars. However, Bose's remote is astounding. There are not any tone controls or alternative adjustments; Bose's minimalist approach leads to a four-button style -- Power, Volume (up and down), and Mute -- that is masses for many users. Despite the simplicity, it does not feel low-cost, with a pleasing rubberized texture and reassuring heft.
  • The only alternative step you will wish to require is disabling your TV's internal speakers. Therefore you are assured you are solely obtaining sound from the Solo. Not all TVs supply this selection. However, it's typically straightforward to access within the setup menu; check your TV's manual for additional info.

Sound quality: adequate for many users

  • The Solo is smaller than most pedestal-type soundbar speakers; however, the sound is neutrally balanced. The bass, midrange, and treble are clear, and dialogue sounds smart. Therefore the Solo produces a higher tone than the Sony KDL-40EX640'sinternal speakers we tend to use for this review.
  • The Bose Solo has no sound adjustment options. Therefore you have cursed the out-of-the-box sound quality. There are not any bass or treble controls, neither is there a dialogue sweetening feature. That will anger teachers; however, it's clear that Bose thinks the natural approach is healthier for the bulk of its patrons.
  • The Solo sounds fine taking part in dramas and comedies at soft to medium volume level, however, will it have the proper stuff for action movies to seek out we tend to vie "The Flight of the Phoenix" and watched the scene wherever the transport plane crashes within the desert. The Solo lacked the bass bearing and powerful punch we tend to get from the more significant, however less costly (19) Bose sound speakers for TV. The plane's impact wasn't as exciting over the Solo, and therefore the Solo's sound strained because the doomed plane hurtled toward the crash web site.
  • That's not to say the Solo's bass was to a fault light-weight, or we tend to want it had a subwoofer; the Solo sounds moderately full vary while not the help of a sub. However, larger sound bars positively have the advantage once it involves creating additional bass and manufacturing more extensive dynamic vary. Judged on its own, however, the Solo's bass is a minimum of clear, and therefore the stereo soundstage is relatively broad and spacious. Thus the speaker sounds more significant than its physical dimensions.

    bose solo 5 tv mount

  • Music wasn't as gratifying over the Solo. Diana Krall's "Live in Rio" concert optical disc measured a shade sibilant and tonally skinny, whereas Dave Matthew's "Live at Radio City" Blu-ray confirmed the Solo's inadequacies with music. Again, the Bose sound speakers for TV's fuller sounds were desirable to the Solo's.
  • The Solo conjointly measured a great deal smaller than the Hailer SBEV40-Slim soundbar. The Hailer soundbar is simply one. One inch thick, however, it's a separate subwoofer that immensely helps smaller systems like these. The SBEV40-Slim not solely measured larger and created additional bass; it measured more precise and extra care than the Solo.
  • The Hailer SBEV40-Slim conjointly bested the Bose sound speakers for TV. The most takeaway is that unless you are willing to pay $700 for the Speaker Craft CS3, pedestal sound bars typically do not sound pretty much as good as ancient sound bars that embody a separate, wireless subwoofer. You are sacrificing some sound quality for the improved aesthetics.

The foremost lifestyle-friendly sound bar

  • If your goal is to urge higher sound quality than your TV's speakers with quantity} amount of aesthetic impact on your front room, the Bose Solo is fantastic home electronic equipment. Better-sounding pedestal sound bars are on the market for each less (Bose sound speakers for TV) and additional (Speaker Craft CS3), however, neither has the handsome appearance of the Bose. As long as you are not expecting dramatically higher sound, the Bose Solo may be a winner.

Product information and specifications

  • The overall solo TV Sound, the optical cable and the home theatre is the correct combination for the use of all in modern times. The gadget helps in facilitating the contemporary day's lifestyles. The easy to set and the remote controlled device has the following specifications:

Product Dimensions

  • 12.2 x 20.8 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight
  • 6.35 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight
  • 17.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer
  • Bose Corporation
  • Batteries
  • CR2 batteries required.

What is inside the box?
Inside the box, one shall find the gadget and the coaxial cables. The box must be tightly sealed, and only sealed boxes are to be opened. Every device has a different user number, and that must be recorded before the box is being used.

replacement remote for bose solo tv sound system

What are the reasons that shall make a user highly recommend the Bose Solo? Many reasons must be enumerated in brief.

The measurements and the design of the gadget are just apt for installations. The device can be installed at any place without the help of any bracket whatsoever. The design is beautiful. The design is sleek and gentle, and there are the provisions for the backlit of the buttons. The backlit buttons shall enable the person to utilize the facilities even in the dark.

The technological back up of the machine is just apt for the production of good quality of sound. The Bose speakers shall give a beautiful sound production experience. The music that is produced through the coaxial cables shall provide the best sound experience

The price of the product is just handy and much less as compared to other similar gadgets in the market. The technology and the design amalgamated in this gadget make it only the best in the market. The Bose Sound system renders an excellent sound experience. The speakers are of high quality, and the cables are long lasting. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System with Universal Remote Control is handy and hardy at the same time, which again makes it very unique


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