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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker Review


Well, black is a common preference with audio and video equipment, television sets, and radios. Why is that? Black devices are most often seen in stores. One does not know why. Just like the blue skies and the green waters, it seems that black represents electronics. Are you happy with black?

Some people choose bright colors! Life speaks in bright colors like the forests and flowers, dresses and makeup, skin and hair too. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker is available in pretty blue and red, black, white and green! Five choices of attractive shades should suffice?
Private Home Audio reaches excellent quality with these Speakers

When it comes to sound quality, nothing is better. While dozens of brands crowd the town, here is something quite superior. Listen to a minute of music and get hooked. Songs and videos are the favorite pass time across the world today in so many languages. Instrumental music, perhaps? Maybe a nursery rhymes to put the child to sleep? Lectures to work on research? Nature sounds?

The sound floats around as if in a fairy tale. The notes stand distinctly separate in a vibrant melody. Waves lapping the shore could not be sweeter. Forest brooks are more like it. The device is rather small, about 5 inches, as big as a babys hand. Small is big in technology. Little is lovely too. Some things had better be small, like the population and pollution. Big cars and big houses are certainly what the majority want.

bose soundlink mini vs color

Mighty audio equipment at concerts and festivals
The subject of music does remind of the outdoor gatherings with high drama on stage and the great sound! Everybody wishes to be a part of that stunning excitement. Music lovers, do attend those concerts and festivals to get a taste of divine music by the beloved singers and musicians. Just like little mobile phones are so convenient, so are those dainty miniature devices like Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker.

Dance music or punk rock, gospel music or hip hop, country music or heavy metal, each genre feels so different. Just like the mountains that offer numerous peaks, choose what is best. Music is the food of love, you got to find a way.
From those infinitely high peaks of dancing amidst the clouds at concerts, explore the fascinating Wireless Bluetooth Streaming. Pair up the smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth and repeat the magic through the minutes and the hours. Listen across weekends and even in the work cabin on low volumes. Work proceeds so well with that musical accompaniment.

reset bose soundlink color

Portability is a big business
Mighty screens may be excellent, just like those towering speakers and powerful sound. Those special occasions like family movies in cinema theaters and concerts with the favorite singers come rarely. In daily life, several gadgets have proved that small is good. Millions of smartphones carry the same message. Technology developed considerably to enable speed and power in spite of mini sizes.

Fall in love with Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
Tried and tested, recommended by diverse customers from many angles, it is a music lovers delight. What are the alternatives?

Listening via earphones may be convenient but harmful if extended in high volumes. Large speakers are beautiful to install at home or office, but they are not portable. Those who listen to songs and music for a long time perhaps daily require a long battery life. You will find many such dedicated music fans among the youth. Age is no bar to enjoy any music!

With so much superb music coming live and via free downloads online, why not commence a new hobby? Do you know the dimensions of this exceptional Bluetooth Speaker? Weighing merely 1.25 pounds, the physical measurements stand at 2.1 X 5 X 5.3 inches! No, that is not a joke. We are saying that this little robust speaker available in a range of bright shades provides crystal clear musical notes. You wont forget the sound quality in a hurry. Bring it into your life and hug it tight.

Dream away wirelessly via Bluetooth
Setting up the smart speaker and pairing with other devices is quickly done with the voice prompts. Connect the speaker with the smartphone as most would do. Alternatively, hook up with tablets or other Bluetooth capable devices in a moment. Everybody knows how fast technology works and how splendid the musical effects could be. Hearts and souls would light up in a moment of sheer delight that would last for hours.

The lithium-ion battery that lasts forever
The rechargeable battery is going places too. Capable of 8 hours of music on a full charge, it could extend to 10 or 12 hours on lower volumes. So be it. That would mean an entire day of listening. Dont overdo it. Leave a part of the album or a few tracks for the next time. The wonder never ceases that a compact speaker could deliver such a full-range sound with never a missed heartbeat.

bose soundlink color mint

Experience the software wonders to the skies
Voice prompts enable easy Bluetooth pairing between the beautiful speaker and the smartphone. Join up with some other device like an MP3 player. Wonder speaker can connect with 2 Bluetooth devices together. Change the source alternately. When one stops, the other begins. Since several methods may be combined now and then, wonder speaker remembers eight new devices. Reconnecting those gets simple.

Shopping trips and business outings, high rise apartments, or long journeys, any situation is good enough for the smart BOSE speaker.

Charging the BOSE speaker is simple enough
The delivery package contains the Sound Link Color Bluetooth speaker, Wall Charger and Cable. You need a USB power source for charging. The micro USB port facilitates charging and software updates too.

Enjoy BOSE in a group in the grand outdoors!
Just like nature wonders - sun and moon along with greenery and the oceans, sound work best outside. Common sense indicates why. The sound faces no barriers like walls. As the music wafts and wings its way across nowhere, in particular, the soothing sensations induce a vision and a dream. Michael Jackson or Jethro Tull, Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars, they come through loud and clear.

Dont get too far away
Dont forget that tiny size! A distance of about 30 feet would bring every bit of the sound magic through. Now that is enough range to accommodate an average-sized picnic, party group or smallish classroom. Educational institutions at several levels in a variety of subjects use new audio and video teaching materials. Though arranging for display screens in the class may be complicated, get audio lessons done quickly and effectively. Every boy and girl would be complimenting that sprite like sound quality that gets into the inner being.

Meditate and pray for a change
Get away from the sound and fury of pop and heavy metal for a while. Accompanied by gentle nature sounds of brooks and bird songs, get away from it all. Surrounded by greenery under the blue skies, achieve a touch of sanctity and the awe-inspiring. Immerse in the mind games practiced down the ages even without affiliation to a particular religion. May practice showing the way to higher pursuits away from worldly concerns.

The Magic of Acoustics, in a word!
Give some thought to the acoustics that everybody initially studied in physics in early school. Now it is time to get serious about sound effects to understand music better. What are the BOSE secrets that spread audio fame across the planet?

bose soundlink color wont charge

Shall we hear the dollars speak? 
Amazon, of course! Is the numero uno online retailer that the whole world is in love with? Amazon prices this dainty speaker at $159.98 and offers FREE Shipping. Amazon Rewards Visa Card approval entitles a discount of $50 on that price.

Does the price sound right or stiff? While it is true that many cheaper speaker versions crowd the stores, dont forget the BOSE promise. Many speaker shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations come at a smaller price, but will they match the BOSE quality?
Get familiar with the BOSE sound research

American to the core, the BOSE incredible sound has traveled the oceans and the mountains across the planet. Music lovers everywhere know what BOSE means.

Amazon offers more speaker choices and comparisons
A cheaper version called the Amazon Basics Vintage/Retro Bluetooth Speaker comes for $115. JBL Charge 3 BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) is offered at $95, far more affordable indeed! Another Bose version known as BOSE SoundLinkColor Bluetooth Speaker II Coral Red would be available at $129. If one of these cheaper versions strike the fancy, why not pursue it and get to know more. Or perhaps money is not the criterion in which case many more options open up. In the realms of music and sound, devotional maybe or sheer fantasy, fancy speaks a foreign language. Consider several factors like wireless connections, quality, and volume of tone, size, portability, and power sources along with the price.

The BOSE sensational company history and the achievement of super sound quality
Amar Bose studied in MIT and launched the company in 1964 in Massachusetts, America. That represents numerous decades of rich sound that blows the mind. While most electronics companies like the global giants work on multiple sectors, BOSE concentrated on sheer audio quality. In 2017, the BOSE revenues amounted to US$3.8 billion.

Audio quality refers to home audio systems and speakers. Headphones that cancel noise, professional audio orders, and automobile sound systems have been the company forte through the long years of audio adventure.

How did they do it?
Progress is only possible when you aim for the better, whatever the sector. Not happy with the existing sound systems then, BOSE researched audio further to explore the secrets. He examined the reverberant (secondary) sound quality upon the apparent audio quality. As is evident, space plays an integral part in the spread of the musical notes through the room or outdoors. Distributing several speakers around the area distributes the sound, and an equalizer organizes them.

The walls become a barrier to the sound that gets deflected, and so the outdoors presents a better surrounding. Outside, the sound does not meet any immediate obstacle. That is why parties and picnics outdoors around music seem so appealing!

Further research in psycho-acoustics clarified doubts and so came about the new home listening sound systems eight identical mid-range drivers aimed at the wall behind the speaker. The ninth driver faced the listener. Mid-range and high-frequency speakers targeted the listener. In the late 1960s and the 1970s, BOSE succeeded sensationally with their audio systems. The markets today are crowded with audio systems of a variety of digital sound systems, but BOSE was the pioneer.

Some other BOSE wonders!
Everybody is a music fan and is familiar with the names of celebrity singers and music groups. Why not own a small piece of personal equipment that would bring immense peace and happiness to the soul? While raving, raging music may be sensational, the quiet moments of meditation and gospel prayers would balance the effects.

What else is BOSE known globally for? In a world ruled by automobiles, they would be incomplete without quality audio systems.

Nowadays, screens dominate vehicles too, besides. Starting in 1983, custom-made and factory-fitted BOSE audio on Cadillac models had frequency response adjustments for each car. The best automobiles worldwide use BOSE audio systems. Some of them are Audi and Buick, Chevrolet and Ferrari, Fiat and Porsche, Renault, Rolls Royce, and Volkswagen. Travel anywhere in the big, big world and find BOSE just like sunshine exists everywhere too.

Noise canceling headphones of infinitely superior quality have several vital applications like in aviation. Imagine the number of flights operating at this moment and realize how sensitive the equipment needs to be. Safety of so many passengers would depend upon the power of the headphones!

Smartphone applications also make use of the graceful, intimately superior sound quality. BOSE is happily fated to be active everywhere with reliable and aesthetically pleasing sound system services. BOSE maintains factories and runs stores across the world to deliver the products to a generation appreciative of the sound resources. Millions of music fans would not have it any other way but BOSE. Allow the BOSE dream to enter your personal space or the family and office surrounding.

bose soundlink color wireless bluetooth speaker

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