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DOSS SoundBox XL 32W Bluetooth Speakers Review


Doss Soundbox XL 32W Bluetooth speaker is a sound box, which can be connected to any device availing Bluetooth. The Doss Soundbox XL is made up of plastic. It can be tagged as the best companion of music and party lovers. It has been designed using advanced technology to give adequate sound frequency, which includes 20W drivers. This is one of the best sellers of Amazon, which can be availed within minimum budget. It generally singles toned colour, which gives it a classy look. The DOSS Soundbox 32W Bluetooth speaker is durable as expected according to the price, which is made up of hard plastic. It has effortless and straightforward accessories, which makes it fall under the list of the excellent control scheme. Hence tagged as an Amazon Bestseller with high demand.


  • Stereo Sound

Does sound box XL 32 Bluetooth speaker is a hi-fi stereo wireless device. Its ultimate goal is to produce impressive sound quality. A 20W driver and DSP technology which provides benefits of a High- fidelity stereo sound.

  • Booming Bash

It is featured by many technologies, which includes a 12W subwoofer, which sufficient to vibrate the driver one to the max to produce a smooth sound without fuss. Along with that, it is complemented with two passive radiators. For less distortion, it has built-in loud boom bash, which can amplify up to the mark for a party, workout or any camp stuff.

  • Broad Compatibility

The DOSS Bluetooth speaker comes equipped with a vast range of compatibility. It is nearly compatible with all Bluetooth enabled device. The range of harmony doesnt end here. It has also got support for aux, memory card and ECHO DOT. However, it is not compatible with Google Home and Google Home mini.

  • Types of Modes

It has multiple modes. Is provided by Bluetooth 4.0 from a height of 33f which almost 10m. It can also be paired with any Bluetooth compatible device. Moreover, it has been designed to support TF card, ECHO DOT as well as Aux-In. It means it can be used when the battery is draining. You can avail the facilities of both the wired and Bluetooth mode.

  • Playtime

Its Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery is rechargeable and guarantees a continuous playback up to 10hrs with 50% volume which produces enough sound to bang on. It is recharged completely within 3-4 hrs with a provided micro USB cable. This is one of the prior reason, which makes it a bestseller on Amazon and another online shopping site.

  • Accessories

It comes with a set of straightforward and simple accessories, which includes DOSS XL Bluetooth speaker, 3.5 mm audio cable, Micro USB cable, and user manual, which can help a nonprofessional to operate it efficiently and provide a warranty of 12 months. You would on no occasion need to spend money on peripherals for your Doss Bluetooth speaker. You get all the bells and whistles with the packaging that comes to you. You can make use of the warranty from the date of purchase until one year. The warranty covers all the essential functioning parts of the product, and if anything goes south, you can quickly get the part replaced, and in some cases, you can get your complete setup replaced with a new device. It is for a reason recommended to immediately get the device repaired from the authorized personnel when the machine starts behaving absurdly in the course of its warranty period.

What do you get with the DOSS Bluetooth speaker?

When you purchase a DOSS Bluetooth speaker, you did not only get a speaker, and rather you get a whole range of entertainment package. The first and foremost thing that DOSS brings to the table is the quality of sound. The sound is not only powerful but also immersive. Anything that comes out of these speakers is rich and loud. It is something you would have expected on no occasion. The next thing that would make you feel good is the amount of the bass the speaker throws out. You can elevate your listening experience to the next levels with the chest-thumping bass. One thing that makes it a suitable choice for all is the fact that it has got a whole range of connectivity feature starting from Bluetooth 4.0 to auxiliary support and from TFR card to ECHO DOT. The Bluetooth connectivity has got a good distance cover too. You can easily play your favourite songs from a distance of 33 metres. This means all your outdoor activities will be fun. The last but certainly not the least thing is the sleek design. The Doss Bluetooth speaker has a very sleek design. It will fit suitable well in your interiors as well as be a perfect sound partner for outdoors.

About the company:

Doss is not a new entrant in the music segment. It has been in the market segment for a period of almost 20 years. It has been a standpoint of innovation and design. The backend team is a conglomerate of stalwarts of the audio industry from the United States, Germany and Canada. It has been able to give robust and challenging competitions to all the big brands and their big offerings in the market for a considerable amount of time. Doss has established itself as one of the top manufacturers who develop music peripherals by making use of innovative technology and high-quality materials. You would find quality in all the raw materials used in manufacturing this product. Not only that Doss has also been able to create a specific group of listeners and customer base. Apart from creating a state of the art audio technology, Doss has also created an excellent customer experience.

From the manufacturers:

As per the growing customer base and brand awareness in the market, the manufacturers have been able to keep up the quality since their inception. To stay competitive in the market and the audio industry, they have never compromised with the quality of the products designed, manufactured and shipped. You can get an assurance of 100% satisfaction and reliability.

What makes available for that powerful sound output?

The speaker is equipped with a 20 W driver that comes coupled with a DSP technology, which is one of the essential components for delivering a chest-thumping bass output. The speakers also make available for a sound mid-range output and bright high note output. It comes with a 12 W subwoofer and two passive bass radiators. This coupling takes the music listening experience to the next levels by creating a surround sound effect in all the corners of the room. The design and styling element is made in such a manner that it would fall in line with the overall aesthetics of your room.

How quality bass affects your listening experience?

There has been a myth prevalent in the market which says that subwoofers can be only used for home theatres and benefits to the music playback is negative. This conscience is also pure for lesser subwoofers as they are not designed optimally to handle the speed, details and nuances of individual music variations. However, this is not at all true for doss Bluetooth speakers. It elevates the music listening experience in a way that no other audio component can make available for.

  • Conceals Thuds and Moods that standard Speakers Can't Make a replica

It is a fact that the majority of speakers start dropping off at frequency close to 50 Hz. When this starts happening, it will spoil all the fun and will keep you deprived of the full depth and clarity of the bass notes. However, if the quality of the speaker is good, it will play sound free of distortion even if the frequency comes down to 20 Hz. This means you will, on no occasion, miss a single note from the music you are listening. You can even feel the lowest notes like a pipe organ, kick drum cannon volley, bass guitar and many other sounds from various instruments. It is a matter of the fact that most of the speakers start producing distortion when the volume is increased par at a certain level. This makes you feel horrible for sure. Most of the speakers have trouble being in line with the mid-range and tweeters. However, the doss Bluetooth speaker plays a sound that is loud and free of distortion even if at louder volumes.

  • Accurate production of sound

doss soundbox xl 32w best buy

The doss Bluetooth speaker makes available for the actual creation of music. It is highly faithful in terms of delivering good output. The quality of sound produced in just unmatchable with any other speaker of the competitor brands. The doss Bluetooth speaker adds a punch to the music you are listening by imparting powerful bass and soulful treble.

The doss range of speakers adds an entirely new range of dimension to the music. A great speaker can never be dull or boomy. However, it adds the perfect mix of colour, depth and impact to the final output and takes you to an entirely new level.

From contagious bass guitar grooves and mesmerizing drum beats to the most intricate electric bass arrangements, a great speaker discloses coatings of overall sound that a standard speaker will only not armed to grip. Besides, while some speakers add uncommon notes of deep-toned bass, however, a truly great speaker raises the listening experience exclusively and tangibly.

Doss manufactures exceptionally well-equipped speaker systems that work exceptionally well coupled with any room in which they are placed as the range of speakers are very much affordable and come with a great range of features as well as capabilities. You can go through various other range of speakers from the stable of Doss too. Be sure; you will get output filled with soulful energy and quality output.

On a lighter note,

It is a great product, indeed. The Doss Bluetooth speaker would be a perfect partner for your music needs. This will also be with you for ages for its superb built quality and durable nature. Who doesnt want a device that will last for generations? If durability and reliability have been your concern, then this is the perfect product for you and your family. You can get this product from any of the online retailers as well as from a brick and mortar store that deals with music peripherals. However, getting it online has its rewards. You can place an order from the comfort of your home and get the product delivered at your place in no time. In this modern age, this is undoubtedly the best way to shop and get your dreams fulfilled.

What do customers say?

Customers are undoubtedly in love with this product of ours. Why wouldn't it be loved? From a ranging majestic look to its whole crafty self and incredible sound and visual qualities. Your happiness is our priority, and you matter to us. The unbeatable sound quality aided with all the visual technicalities that would set it on top of your favourite list is what we had on our minds when we engineered this maestro.

Summing up

There goes a saying as to "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life. " True that is. We believe that every music that is so close to your heart needs to have every nook and corner of its softest beat heard. And hence we worship you with this technology.

Having said that " A good movie is one which you see over and over again". For all such movies that you pay so much of love and attention to, we devote our very best never to let a scene ok 4k go waste. So sit back and relax and let our winner do the task.

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