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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Review


Everyone loves good music. The music sounds even better when you listen to it through gadgets which amplify the user experience. Tweaking the music performance has been precedence among tech peers. One of such peers, Amazon Audio, brings you the ECHO DOT, which is a 10 inch Dynamic Balance woofer. The sound that emanates from the woofer is astounding and electrifying. This gadget not only allows you to listen to music but feel it as well.

Features of ECHO DOT (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal

Amazon Audio is one of the pioneers when it comes to innovating groundbreaking music gadgets. From the creators of the best home audio and automobile speakers comes ECHO DOT. The sound boost provided by this woofer offers artistic beauty to music, movies, games or any other media. Here are some of the critical features of the :

  • Powered For Extra Bass & Punch:

The ECHO DOT is a 10-inch dynamic balance woofer to provide you with a piece of aesthetically pleasing music. The uniquely designed and directed design port provide detailed bass and punch with added depth that gives you a surreal music experience when it comes to watching movies, listening to music etc. A perfect companion for your mini to medium-sized rooms.

  • Crisp and Loud Sound Even At Higher Volumes:

Enjoy an enthralling music experience thanks to the well- balanced, productive, deep-sound at lower frequencies. Dont judge this woofer by its size. Albeit small, it packs a punch. It provides deep bass while watching movies which you wouldnt expect because of it being smaller in size. It can blend easily with any speaker and can play the most demanding nodes effortlessly without distorting the music. The PSW series s are well polished and come with systems that are well composed of other Amazon loudspeakers, especially TSi, RM and the R/T/S series speakers. The bass output is crystal clear, precise, detailed and clear without being overly loud. Its nimble, and for any genre of music, you throw at it.

  • More Power:

You can double the amplifier power up to 100 watts. With its inbuilt 50-watt RMS amp coupled with High Current Amp and Low Pass Filter allows a high-quality seamless music experience. Amazon Echo dot with Bluetooth and Optical Input, 2.0 Studio Monitor Speaker, Built-in Amplifier with Line Out further enhance the music goodness. The sophisticated engineering accompanied with the bleeding edge resonance-free driver makes the premium gadget.

  • Team Player:

Worried that the news might not work with some of your devices? Fear not for the ECHO DOT is easy to integrate as it can be connected to a variety of electronic devices. Hook this sub up to the receiver and notice the difference immediately. Both of the inputs can be connected to a recommended RCA cable, or you can make use of the single output cable to use it as an input in either way. The next thing you would want to do is adjust the variable low pass filter to the highest frequency obtainable. It is essential to change to the highest possible rate, so the internal low pass filter will be above the low pass frequency your receiver receives. Unwavering 80-160 hertz crossover and 40-160 hertz (-3dB) frequency response. The glossy and detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs, as well as the speaker level outputs on the back plus a Phase Toggle Switch for multiple s, make this tenacious and complete.

  • Specs:

It has got overwhelming specs. It has volume/gain control, variable low pass filter(80-160 Hz), three-position power switch (off, auto and on), has a phase flip switch, RCA line inputs and also has speaker level inputs and outputs that you have the wire. It has 220V availability, 40 Hz to 200 Hz amplifier bandwidth, allows continuous power supply up to 100 watts, weighs around 26 pounds. The dimensions of the is16 1/8 (40.96cm). The enclosure type is vented via the front panel flared port, has one 25.40 cm driver complement, has speaker level and line level electrical inputs, has a total frequency of 35 Hz-200 Hz, the upper -3dB limit is 160 kHz, has variable electrical crossover ranging from 80 Hz-160 Hz. It has a five-year warranty on speaker grille and a three-year warranty on the amplifier. The speaker closure has fibre filled for damping. The amp has an auto turn on and off feature. It works seamlessly on the unit. It auto-detects when the frequency in the range of the amplifier design to reproduce frequency of 200Hz. If you play a song that starts out with an intro that has a high-frequency contact, then it will turn on till the bass kicks. It auto time outs in an hour after being idle. It is easier to overdrive the amplifier while using a Kenwood receiver to get the extra bass. But what separates it from the competition is the <1% distortion rate which makes it a premium tier.

  • Powerplay:

You know the specs, time to dive into the performance. It is often overlooked for it's smaller size but rests specific size doesn't matter for this. It only blows away its competition effortlessly. Its likeable not only for it's sleek and glossy finish but also for the power it packs. Its small, and medium-sized chambers provide exceptional value to anyone who is looking for an upgrade for their home theatres sound quality. It has a pro audio frequency response. Amazon Audio has higher performance compared to the other 35 Hz s. Even with a frequency as low as 35 Hz, it's bass belabours so well you will be left amazed by the sound it generates. The provides a premium experience for a reasonable price tag. You get to hear the bass with clarity without stressing your ears. Its sound quality is sui generis and can be felt at every corner of your room. Shoot it up with high efficiency and pair it up with a small amplifier and it is very much capable of shaking the whole house with its sound output.

Why Choose the ECHO DOT?

The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is equipped with smart sensing circuitry that automatically turns off the device when there is power outage or fluctuation. This automation feature helps to avert any damage that could have been caused due to the power surge. It also turns on automatically when the power is restored or stabilized. The safety of your Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is guaranteed whenever any unforeseen incident occurs.

When it comes to a musical performance or the quality of sound, the Amazon Audio has got what it takes to be the very best. The ECHO DOT has a phenomenal sound even at low volumes and frequency. The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT comes with an integrated 50 watt RMS amplifier. A 50 watt RMS amplifier utilizes high power voltage; however, this does not concern for wattage because as part of the ECHO DOT's design, the challenge of high power voltage is well regulated. Multiple connection options are provided on the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT such as the stereo speakers and RCA line input. The direct LFE connection is much desired by the audiophiles which are, unfortunately, doesn't have like its Amazon Audio PSW505 counterpart. The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT guarantees high audio performance, and even with a frequency as low as 35 Hz, it still continues to deliver.

The audio can be heard at every corner of the room, and every sound produced by it is enriching and unique. Additionally, it doesnt hurt your ear while listening on high volumes. Last but not the least the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is pocket-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and buy one, you can't go wrong with the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT.

Whats new in the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT?

  • The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is equally adept when it comes to watching movies, listening to music or playing games.
  • The robust MDF cabinet is second to none.
  • It belts out powerful bass and sounds sweet with music too.
  • The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is more precise when it comes to delivering every thump and rubble with utmost clarity compared to its previous iterations.
  • Now comes with an extended warranty.

Who is the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT for?

The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is for everyone who loves music, especially for audiophiles looking to get a bang for the buck. The Amazon Audio ECHO DOT's deep bass capabilities were impressive; its definition and control is out of the world. Its a perfect match for the smaller music system and helps reinforce the lower octaves. Buy this to augment decent bookshelf speakers in a small to medium space, and you wont be disappointed. It has the best value for money, has got good exp on the listing, decent looking cherry vinyl, line and speaker level I/O crossover, phase and volume controls that give good resistance and a decent sound enhancement when adjusted properly. With all the power specs and the longevity offered by the Product in the long run, it comes out on top in its price segment. This is a much-awaited with all the exceptional features in it. You can now enjoy your music seamlessly without having to worry about compatibility issues or the performance deterioration in the long run.

Customer review of the Product:

I had gone through three smaller 8 s before, then came across the glowing reviews for the ECHO DOT. It was every bit as good as they say, like 200% better than anything I had before, writes Chester.

Its not a surprise that the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT is well-liked and popular among the customers and critics. Its global availability along with its jaw-dropping specs, and extended warranty has made it a must-have on every music lovers' Wishlist. For a hundred bucks its just too good to complain.

Overall Review Of the Product:

Amazon Audio has been one of the front runners in the audio sphere who have evolved over the years to provide users with better sound at an affordable price. They have a excellent pedigree for recreating and customizing sound through innovations and technology. Amazon Audio is one of the best manufactures of audio quality and sound effects. When it comes to price, Amazon Audio has always provided products that were aggressively priced. One of such products engineered by Amazon Audio is the ECHO DOT. The has a minimalist, compact and a solid appearance. Its sleek in design and is constructed mostly with MDF board. Its available in black and cherry-coloured vinyl. The controls are well accessible, and the power toggle has three positions which are on, auto and off. The auto feature allows the device to turn on/off in case of power fluctuations. It offers an immersive experience when it comes to sound. The bass produced by this device is clear and looks clear without being too overpowering. For movies and music, when it comes to reproducing bass frequencies, the Amazon Audio ECHO DOT dos that with enough volume and clarity. The gaming experience is even better. The bass comes out better with explosions, and gun firing sounds having a more natural sound output with plenty of basses while not drowning out the higher frequencies. It comes with plenty of flexibility and the capacity built into the to satisfy more user needs. The bass is on point, and the distortion is less than 1% when you play audio on higher volumes. If you are looking for a premium like experience in the budget range, then this is the right one. The price, sound and built quality make it a good bargain. Its affordable, robust and fun.

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