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Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review


Bluetooth has been a most intelligent piece of innovation that has become a boon for communication. Bluetooth technology changed the idea of connecting devices. This technology enables two devices to communicate without any barrier. Before this technology, connecting of devices could possible through the wired medium in which clustering of cables was exasperating. Thus Bluetooth technology a wireless mode has been introduced. Connecting of tools in the Bluetooth technology is possible through radio frequency. Like any other technology, this Bluetooth has been extended with many kinds of Bluetooth devices in the market. The technology is not just restricted with mobile phones; rather it is used for car, personal computer, Television, and speakers. 
Connecting devices through Bluetooth medium is quite easy and can be achieved quickly. Bluetooth features security in and does not let any unauthorized users get connect with your devices. There comes many kinds of speakers that varies in size and shape. As well the Bluetooth speakers are connected for different application. In this article let us know about bookshelf Bluetooth speakers. 
What is a bookshelf speaker?
As the name suggests the speakers that can be mounted on the elevated surface anywhere at home is defined as a bookshelf speaker. 
Now, the question is which is the best bookshelf speaker? Not to worry without any second thought grab Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers.
Edifier’s bookshelf speakers are so amazing they have collections much more than music. The speakers give pleasure for everyday needs and special occasion. Edifier’s speaker meets all your audio requirements. 
Let us know in detail about the product
1.     The newly designed Edifier’s bookshelf speakers adorn your living space. Edifier’s wooden finishing bookshelf speakers accompany with remote control. Can operate the device at fingertips. Enhance the audio experience on your TV, tablet, and computer. 

edifier r1700bt review

2.    The Edifier’s speakers are extraordinary can expect excellent audio experience, and it can be set up easily. The R1700 Bluetooth speakers prevent distortion as it has built-in digital signal processing and dynamic range control.    

edifier r1700bt bluetooth bookshelf speakers

3.    The speakers can be mounted conveniently to allow complete control of audio. R1700 Bluetooth comes with 250 mm (9.84”) height and 155m (6.10”) width. A 4-inch bass driver in every speaker creates clear highs and rich lows. 

edifier r1700bt manual

4.     This R1700 Bluetooth speaker come with dials that enable to control audio and bass. The dials are present on the side of the speakers other than this user can also alter the music with compact size remote control.     

edifier r1700bt bluetooth bookshelf speakers review

5.    This Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers keep you awestruck. Pair your smartphone and Television with this bookshelf speaker through Bluetooth technology. Experience unlimited music with just a tap. The front-facing reflex port of bass emphasizes low frequencies thus giving more power to bass.     

edifier r1700bt

6.    The R1700 Bluetooth speakers are a right high-output speaker that could be connected to your devices such as Personal computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Television. The Edifier’s speaker provides full performance even for large and smaller rooms.       

edifier r1700bt reddit

7.      The Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers are designed to diminish eminence waves. The cabinets are wooden that gives a classy look to the home. To avoid multiple wires hanging around your wall then opt for Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers. One good thing about the speakers are the dials to adjust the music is located on the lateral side of the speakers. 
8.    Music heals the souls, so it is worth to invest in speakers. Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers are an ideal choice to enhance the listening experience on your laptop. As the speakers work on Bluetooth technology, it does not require any external wires to connect with the laptop. 


9.    The length of the speakers is different at the front and rear end. At the back end, the Bluetooth speakers are elevated and come with 8.5 inches. This natural to setup speakers is a perfect wireless amplifier that soothes your ear. 

edifier speakers

10.      The speakers come in elevated design at the front the length of the speakers is 9.84 inches, and at the rear end, the speakers are imminent. This adorable design brings luxury to your living space giving good audio experience.

edifier r1700bt

11.     Standalone Edifier’s speaker provides accurate adjustments to procure precise frequency. The rack effect in these Bluetooth speakers allow to experience live sound thus helps musicians to innovative compost tune. The wireless technology in the speakers allows changing settings with a single tap using the remote.

bluetooth bookshelf speakers

12.       Edifier speaker is an affordable solution for musicians who gives a live performance in small venues. Apparently, the speakers go well with minimal space as well and do not expect much maintenance and go well with PC, tablet, laptop, and TV.  

bluetooth bookshelf speakers


13.      Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers give a great audio experience as it looks. The speakers can be paired with your handheld device such as Tablet. Through Bluetooth technology, Tablet device can be connected and be able to enjoy the music. 


14.    The speakers are compact enough to sit on your countertop accompanied by Television in your living space. This Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers surprisingly provide distortion-free music. If you want to experience clutter free, then this kind of speakers are for you.  


15.    Musicians require lot many other types of equipment other than speakers. Amongst them, equalizer is one that equipment that tweaks the sound to match different music. Thus enhances the audio experience. 

best bluetooth bookshelf speakers

16.      The classic vintage gramophone CD player can be enjoyed with the Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers. This typical appearance gives an artistic appearance to your living space. Also, the full-featured Bluetooth speakers provide excellent music. 

edifier review

17.       As mentioned before musicians own different devices to make a good tune. All these devices require an input box and to enjoy unlimited music. It is a great deal for the money. The bookshelf speaker is highly recommended.  

powered speakers amazon

18.      Connect your Edifier’s speakers with the included speaker through the connecting cable. The power source for the speakers is also given through cable. A power switch button will be given to on and off. 

amazon bookshelf speakers

19.      Enjoy playing Piano with high-quality Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers. Musicians can overwhelm with these speakers. So start your music journey with Edifier R1700 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. The 2X AUX Input enables to connect to the Piano conveniently.

edifier bookshelf speakers

20.    The bookshelf speakers can be adorned to your home in any kind. This Edifier’s bookshelf Bluetooth speakers can set up in numerous ways. Setting up bookshelf speakers to wall and ceiling gives remarkable music experience.

edifier bluetooth speakers

21.    The Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers are compact that can be placed within a small desk. So comfortably place the speakers at anywhere near your electronic devices that can be paired up with through Bluetooth technology. 

edifier speaker review

22.    This Edifier’s speaker features bass and treble Knobs controls the tone. This is handy to control the music along with these two knobs the speaker is accompanied by volume control know. These knobs can be used when the speakers are kept at the place it is operated easily wherein if it is mounted up it can be managed through remote control.

edifier bluetooth speaker


23.        With the advent of technologies, most of the activities have become an ease. The Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers come along with the remote control. So can enjoy the audio by operating with just a tap. The remote control includes Bluetooth connectivity, Mute, Volume high, Volume Low, and Line In options.

edifier bluetooth speaker


23.        With the advent of technologies, most of the activities have become an ease. The Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers come along with the remote control. So can enjoy the audio by operating with just a tap. The remote control includes Bluetooth connectivity, Mute, Volume high, Volume Low, and Line In options.

bookshelf speakers bluetooth

24.      Edifier Bluetooth speaker designed with the multimedia connection. Connect the speakers either with Bluetooth technology or through 3.5 mm AUX cord, so enjoy your audio experience on your TV, laptop, or tab. 

bookshelf speakers bluetooth

25.       The Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers can connect to two devices at once; the only device can be streamed at once the other remains standby. In two methods one device can set active and other inactive using pause and play button. 

edifer speakers

26.         The remote control of Edifier’s Bluetooth speaker works over a wireless Bluetooth technology. To pair up with your device follow the instructions given in the user guide. Connecting speakers to your tools are a straightforward task. 

edifer speakers


27.    Edifier’s speakers are made for professional look can stream music and listen to music connecting through Bluetooth technology or wired medium. The music from these speakers sounds melodious.    

edifer speaker


28.          The Edifier’s Speakers can be placed comfortably at any place. Both the plug-in model and Bluetooth speakers are apt to both living spaces and office. The prevailing speakers are conveniently wrap up with require amplifiers, connectors, and cables. 

bluetooth shelf speakers

29.     The remote control of the Edifier’s speaker is easy to use, helps to give a more excellent experience. A single tap is just enough to enjoy seamless music. When the speakers are connected to the TV, then remote control plays a significant role while if speakers are connected with mobile phones, then it is operated through the same.    

bluetooth shelf

30.        Edifier’s speakers can be placed anywhere in the home and give a pleasing experience as it is engineered to deliver unbelievable music experience. For a perfect sound make Edifier’s speakers as a choice. 

bookshelf speaker setup

31.     An endless connection is possible with Edifier’s optical input cables that are given along with the Speakers. Three optical input cables will be given for versatility. Every principal object required for the user to experience fantastic sound is added.  

edifier speakers bluetooth

As mentioned before this Edifier’s Bluetooth speaker can connect to our devices such as Mobile phones, Personal computer, Tablet, and TV. Although for tools to get connect with speakers must make sure our system must have the latest software. Connecting devices with Bluetooth aids to eradicate the number of wires can experience clutter free. 
Connecting devices require different steps  
1.    Connecting to the Windows operating system- To locate the Edifier Bluetooth speaker open the start and continue to search the device. Find Bluetooth option in the search box of the control panel. Select Bluetooth settings to select options to enable machines to locate your device through Bluetooth. This allows connecting speakers to the windows device.
2.    Mac operating system- Edifier Bluetooth speaker now can connect even with Mac OS as nowadays all Apple phones are equipped with Bluetooth connection. Go to Bluetooth check setting options. Select the Bluetooth option “On” then wait for the device to search for a speaker. Once the speaker is found it will automatically sync to the device. Gives a message regarding the device is synced successfully. 
3.    Android system- Connecting Bluetooth is a straightforward task in Android devices. Go to settings and tap on Bluetooth and wait to discover Edifier speakers. Tap on the speakers to connect with the tools. Further, enjoy flawless and non-acoustic music. In case if the device fails to connect with speakers, then select forget the device and try to connect once again. 
Any device can be easily connected to Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers through Bluetooth technology. The speaker features Bluetooth with 4.0 version and reception assortment of up to 30 feet. The sound quality from the device is excellent and do not restrict any obstacles. One important significant feature of Edifier’s speaker is it limits the number of wires that clutters around home and office. So it is recommended Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers are the ideal choice to make your living space or office place amazing.  

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