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Klipsch Reference R-10SW Powered Subwoofer Review


Not too long ago, I had the chance to try a fantastic subwoofer, and so I made the decision to compose a Klipsch R-10SW evaluation. This gadget has a high-output subwoofer using an effectively working motor that is powerful. It truly is chiefly built to supply profound and comprehensive bass; and however, nonetheless, it also is useful on frequencies that are higher. The merchandise is also lightweight and lightweight compared to the majority of the subwoofers available on the marketplace. The essential characteristics with the sub-woofer are changeable cross over the controller and also an alternate phase choice that lets altering the degree of the bass noise degrees. Additionally, it has a line-level along with LFE connectivity selections, which allow linking the subwoofer into some head unit or house entertainment.

Founded in 1946, the German corporation Klipsch Audio was on the list of highest grade titles of this noise equipment market. They're thought of as enormous competitors from the speaker along with the subwoofer industry.

Now, distance is dollars, and also the buying price tag on the majority of comforts grow whilst the magnitude of mentioned high-end declines, which makes it even more convenient to make use of.

There exist people that want solid quality within the spatial advantage. Even the Klipsch Audio R-10SW sub-woofer supplies an excellent cheap product that's streamlined, and it's potent enough to satisfy audiophiles. Thus, let us proceed deeper into the R 10 SW evaluation.

What Can we enjoy?

Substantial Definition.

Little dimensions.

What exactly do we not enjoy?

Connectivity Problems.

Simply harmonious with Klipsch Techniques.


Amplification kind: Each Of digitalPower Dealing with: 150wPeak electricity: 300wImpedance: 8ohmsResponse array: 64-24k HzWoofer dimension: 10-inch aluminum payable IMG wooferWeight: Twenty Five poundsWarranty: 5 yearsMagnetic protect: yesMaximum sensory signal: 112db

Klipsch R-10SW Design and Style

Klipsch R-10SW is created from brushed aluminum veneer; also, it was painted in black color, but even though it is maybe not overly eye-catching, nonetheless, it looks tasteful. I believe the aluminum cone in the middle is the thing that causes this sub-woofer to stick from the audience. The cone has been corrected by eight black claws and also has a Klipsch emblem around the top aspect of this subwoofer.

This comes with a gray help rack that fits into the typical design and style of this merchandise and also leaves it to appear quite agreeable. The trunk layout is quite uncomplicated -- a dark painted piece that comprises each one the two small corporation symbols in the end and also at the cover of the woofer. The thing weighs just 25 pounds and that I really could readily put it within my own studio and also other chambers. Being black coloring, this subwoofer comes with a quite timeless style and design, also it can be harmonious with almost any additional components of one's chamber or your own studio.

Klipsch R-10SW Capabilities

R-10SW specs are all made particularly to attain a perfect operation for 5.1 on Richter-scale. It has an all-digital, highly effective 150-watt nominal electricity amplifier, even with all the most capacity of 300 volt, which mimics precise and successful ample electrical power that's apparently well-working while hearing songs or seeing films. There certainly is a very low pass crossover attribute and also the chance to correct point controller, using all the assistance which I really could readily restrain the degree of this bass. This really is actually a huge choice as it's possible to correct the design based upon the place you are in to reach the maximum operation of the subwoofer.

R 10 SW also has a LineLevel and also low-frequency outcomes inputs, that produce the thing appropriate for assorted sorts of recipients, stereo techniques, or even home theatres, the two older and fresh kinds. It features a shooter modeled graphite spun copper woofer that produces a low-frequency reaction of quality with no traces of stimulation. There exists a tiny light-emitting diode power lighting installed onto the top of the system that will help signify if the subwoofer is prepared for function. I feel it would have been slightly bit more comfortable in the event the amount knob has been on the front, but this is clearly a quite minor negative.

I would like to comment on an automatic twist away and onto the solution that will be fairly practical. That which I experienced probably the many of the capabilities would be this subwoofer includes an extension cable, and it really is an incentive to get usability that is comfortable, nevertheless also the optimal/optimally feature maybe your wireless usage selection, that will be rare for a lot of subwoofers.

Let us Have a Peek at that the Klipsch R-10SW's specs.

Connectivity: '' The R-10SW was designed for always a company subwoofer. It moves together with products out of your Klipsch Audio Eco-system. Its principal role is always to incorporate bass into your 5.1 technique. Thus it can be used with the whole scope of speakers.

IMG Woofer: The injection-molded Graphite or even IMG woofer, could be your most important attribute part of this mention sub-woofer built to grant the R-10SW a fantastic deep and organic low-frequency answer with nominal foliage divide, offering the bass response of this speaker a significant punch.

This module is ideal for floor standing speakers' platforms, staying truly a company; it affirms all of the additional Klipsch 5.1 programs. The magnitude of this woofer can be just an exact humongous 10-inches, gives an additional individual bass than you can easily get at this selling price. The good punchy bass creates this model-perfect for larger-sized chambers at which place acoustics aren't that needed in order to have a fantastic noise.

All-Digital Amplifier: The most built-in all-digital amplifier supplies considerable electrical power with higher efficacy and true-to-source precision inbreeding. The all-digital amplifier produces 300 watts of power that is dynamic, and it is a lot more compared to smallscale into large-sized chambers.

Front-Firing Driver: The high heeled motorist offers deep-bass and positioning versatility.

Low-pass cross over and Stage command: lets you combine the subwoofer's low-frequency tones along with other Klipsch speakers in addition to set the perfect degree of bass.


Klipsch R-10SW Overall Performance & Audio caliber

Klipsch R-10SW configurations pave the means to get an outstanding deep-bass and endurance. The frequency reaction fluctuates in 3 2 as well as 120Hz along with the cross over frequency amount is currently 40-160 Hz the put in 300-watt electronic amplifier results in an astonishing precision in audio reproduction. I've found there is an improved low-frequency answer on account of the rigid shooter mimicked woofer that's the emphasize facet with this item. I have not discovered any forms of sound or cutting distortions whilst listening to songs and seeing films. Most of all, there is absolutely no bothersome atmosphere rumbling out noise by your woofer. The qualities of all R 10 SW united produce a satisfying sound experience having a clear, eloquent mixing of low-frequency tones when using the various sorts of speakers.

Klipsch R-10SW Installation

R-10SW installation is rather simple and basic; however, I have no problem building the thing in the slightest. There exists a user guide contained from the dispatch package, which features step by step descriptions about the best way best to utilize this product. Whilst I had been analyzing the apparatus, I recognized it is very handy and can be put on various surfaces as a result of the userfriendly design and style. It readily matches on sub-woofer racks also keeps, with no trembling.


The Klipsch R-10SW essentially includes a price tag of approximately $170, and it will be pretty economical for its specs furnished. With all the added global warranty during its helm, the speaker turns into quite a good expenditure.

The purchase price facets because of a significant feature of your own R-10SW. For anyone that buys these kinds of company places, a fair selling price is all but always a need. All these sub-woofers fall at the reasonable ending of this spectrum inside the area of world-renowned sound. Klipsch music maintains its guarantee of supplying excellent speakers at reasonable rates.

Some of the biggest downsides with the subwoofer is it can't be installed onto the ceiling, either as it generally does not incorporate the rigging factors. The merchandise is more includes an AC adapter. However, there is additionally an invisible connectivity selection that's a major also. The degree grade and low-frequency effects input signal, in addition to the bass, ported enclosure, which can be situated behind your apparatus; however, there certainly are not any blasting choices in front of the.


  • Dark and black aluminum layout That Suits readily in preferences
  • A not really big situation Which Helps Inside the Bend Ability of this Sub-woofer
  • Skillet for flexibility
  • The R-10sw includes a wonderful, effective bass reaction, which produces a more good kick.
  • The 10-inch woofer gives a rotational degree bass that's fine with low-frequency volumes.
  • The R-10sw can be used with other Klipsch sound methods.
  • Sturdiness is certain when a person awakens into some of Klipsch speakers, and also, the R-10sw maintains that assurance.
  • The speakers possess an excellent construct, and therefore they create to get a fantastic longterm financial commitment.


  • The collection is only a companion, so it isn't just a whole collection.
  • The possible deficiency of hues offered and varieties of alterations granted.

What is Inside the Package?

  • The Sub-woofer
  • Guarantee
  • Cables
  • Education manual


It is pretty tough to fail with almost any Klipsch loudspeaker, and also, the R-10SW is a premier vendor despite currently being old production merchandise.

Having said that, another biggest 1 2 inch Reference sub-woofer (R-12SW) comes with a more impressive motorist, more electricity and answer scope, also can be more expensive -- provided it stays the scenario, it looks just like a no-brainer to go for the larger variation.

The more modern production R-110SW additionally has considerably outstanding specs while still staying precisely the exact same dimensions and burden, however, continues to be a tiny costly -- old production speakers are now in reality pretty desired since they move for more economical and also, therefore, are often equally as adequate since their counterparts that are newer.

In case you are looking to shell out as much as you possibly can, and you also don't want as much energy, then Polk's 10 in. PSW10 (reviewed ) is still unquestionably a workable choice.

Additionally, contemplate BIC America's F-12 (reviewed ), the other bigger 1 2 in. Subwoofer which boasts excellent and broadly speaking amazing specs to get a related value. That is our present general favorite at the budget-tier budget.

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