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LG Electronics SJ9 5.1.2 Channel High Resolution Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos (2017 Model) Review


Ever wondered what it would be like to turn your room into a mini theatre and bring that cinema experience home? Or are you a party animal that wants to turn your party into a mini disco with that loud, clear, booming music that one can't just keep their groves bound up? Then we have it all for you. Be it on a Saturday night with that pack of yours, or any day that you take a sneak peek from your work n. Just that perfect, highly anticipated movie on the go and oh that heavenly couch and it's all set. With our LG Electronics SJ9 5.1.2 Channel High-Resolution Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos (2017 Model), aided with LG SK10Y 5.1.2 Channel Hi-Res Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos (2018) you will have no space left for any complaints.

Equipped with three-dimensional Dolby Atmos sound via those unparalleled sleek speakers that give you the ultimate cinematic experience at home that never lets you down. Every time you switch it on, you're in an all-new verse, all for yourself. Let the sound hit your eardrums and let everything fall into the perfect trance. Surround yourself with the ultimate in surrounding audio aka surround sound systems with the three dimensional in space catch. Besides all of these, be it in your living room or in your hallway couch, we have covered it all. It is also certified to have been topped up with CTA certified high-resolution music playback with twenty-four bit upsampling is a cherry to the cake.

We aren't unaware of the fact that how far audiophile, digital music has already gone. There's almost no questioning as to how incapable at times most of the devices can be to decipher and deliver the perfect sound. So what is the solution? All we need is a higher sampling rate and width depth, which is capable of contributing to a more accurate and more enjoyable listening experience. God bless the unscratched sound quality. The fun without any hindrance.
how to connect lg sj9 to oled tv

This CTA-certified Soundbar is so sleek and so crafty that it can playback lossless stereo audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz quality. Sure seems like love at first sight deal. Doesn't it?
Now coming to its classy looks that could turn around every head that sees it with sheer admiration, that's elegance backed up with nothing else, but pure class. Trendy and portable this show stopper will steal every single glance so unknowingly. What a winner!

If not just that, you can also stream music wirelessly with that Soundbar from favorite music apps like Pandora, google play music. All thanks to the Chromecast built in that works seamlessly and hassle-free with a smartphone, tablet, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook. Indeed it's a performer that's ready to take away any complaint from one's mind.

Wires clutter and cables and so much of troubles. Right? Now no worries anymore. LG Sound Sync enhances the home cinema experience without the clutter of additional wires. Nah! No more painful wire plugins. LG Sound Sync technology links compatible LG televisions to the Soundbar wirelessly, using Bluetooth. Now that's in for some magic.

What makes it stand out of the rest?
Who doesn't want to be wowed for all the technology that stays in his pocket? Everyone wants those turning heads, raised eyebrow looks, and those "oh where did you get it from?" Questions. We believe that our products would make you feel precisely that way.

The LG Electronics SJ9 5.1.2 Channel High-Resolution Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos is the perfect catch for your match. The star of all parties and the in-home theater that could put any other to pity puny shame. This is a product that needs no real introduction. Laced with perfection and seamless beauty, it's every movieholic's and party popper's dream.

With a product dimension of fifty-eight points nine x eleven point six x thirteen point one, it stands at an incredibly small stand to be this powerful. The LG Electronics SJ9 5.1.2 Channel High-Resolution Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmo roughly weighs thirty-nine point two (39.2) pounds.

Backed up with 2 AAA batteries this power-packed maestro is both energy efficient and cost-effective. Makes it a perfect takeaway the moment you decide to give away your monotonous life where you lay down on your couch and no matter how much you try to break your volume key but that buzz doesn't really hit your ears. Who wouldn't want to scream at every notch of fear in a horror movie when the sound is so crisply perfect that even a hmm.. sends chills down your spine. And who wouldn't want to dance their beat off like there's no tomorrow and all that with a small TV set? The possibilities are doubtful.

With an energy consumption of 500 Watts and five Point two point one (5.2.1) power channels, this miracle is all set to blow your mind with its superiority over other competitions. With the availability of wireless subwoofers, Dolby Atmos sound, with unparalleled sound quality to praise for and more features like Bluetooth connectivity, 4k pass through, remote control via wireless remote, Chromecast built in,24-bit Upsampling, HDMI In/Out and much more, this model leaves no chance at wowing people. Does it? And nothing could really take away the great sound.

Who wouldn't want that party going crazy over that wireless woofer buzzing and hitting every perfect beat without any unwanted treble? Who wouldn't want to turn that small living room into that great self-owned theatre where every friend of yours comes and asks you to take their bow. Ah! Isn't that something that sounds majestic? It sure does.

lg sj9 c7p

Our winner and savior for the day is an ultimate catch. The LG Electronics SJ9, 5.1.2 Channel High-Resolution Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos, paired up with LG SK10Y 5.1.2 Channel Hi-Res Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos (2018)

Speakers are going to be the ultimate host of all of your parties and the favorite storyteller of all your choicest of movies. Furnished with a wireless remote and Bluetooth, it kicks off any unnecessary worries related to plug in that USB and having to go through things that you wish to dish out.

With internal dimensions of 58.9 x 11.6 x 13.1 inches and weight of 39.2 pounds, its adjustment should never be a hindrance to where you want to place it. Bring the cinematic, mind-boggling, heart warming experience at home! With cost-effective and loveable features, fused with Dolby Atmos, sounds can be fluidly moved anywhere across in three-dimensional space, including just had a long above the listener for the ultimate in surround audio. Also topped up with high resolution audio, it's not a strange news anymore that digital music has vastly gone audiophile given the clearance of beats and clarity of buzz, jazz and Off Drops, with the aid of higher sampling rates and bit depth it can surely contribute to a more accurate, more enjoyable listening experience. This CTA-certified masterpiece sound bar can playback lossless stereo audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
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It is also aides with Chromecast Built-In which stream tunes wirelessly and seamlessly onto the soundbar from favorite apps as such types like Pandora and Google Play Music. It works, and smoothie flowed with gadgets like smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

With all these, we also have an added feature that makes this a real deal. Bandaid-ed with 4k pass through, it awards 4k resolution to its viewers. It is the latest breakthrough technology in the video quality for steaming and beyond. This sound bar
supports HDCP 2.2. And why exactly does it do so? Simple! So that it can deliver the full home cinema experience with no loss of 4K image quality. Splendid? Isn't it?

Additional features are so priceless that they could almost blow your mind. They include a 24-bit Upsampling which contains more data than lower-quality audio and is the only standardized method for high-resolution music. This feature converts lower-resolution audio to a high-resolution 24-bit format for a premium experience that you would love to endeavor again and again.

So what exactly are the available features?

  • This maestro has dozens and dozens of claim to fame to its name. It's undoubtedly a head turner and its cost-effectiveness, power and precision set it to all new heights. With its winning poised looks and unparalleled work abilities, it can quickly put all its puny competitors to utter shame.
  • Dolby Atmos Soundbar - putting your boost up is a challenge at times when times are really hard, and all you feel is low. And different minds have different ways. Try calming yourself down by listening to a piano stream aided with the perfect notes all thanks to the Dolby atmosphere Soundbar that puts you in the in surrounding 3D feel or heat up yourselves and catch every beat that the music throws at you with the high-resolution audio.
  • CTA-Certified High-Resolution Audio (Up to 24bit/192kHz) when someone pays for luxury all he dreams is of nothing but pure luxury. We believe all that you spend matters to the quality service that you wish to attain. We exactly take care of all of those as this certification is proof as to how committed we are towards you. With the audio quality, your ears will feel every notch of music that's crafted within a tune.
  • 24-bit Upsampling - 24-bit sound contains an enormous amount of data when compared to random lower-quality audio. It is the most well-known standard for high-resolution music. What does this feature do? This simple feature snap converts lower-resolution audio to a high-resolution 24-bit format for a more memorable experience of a listening experience that's no less than a desire that no more needs to be drowned.
  • It also houses wireless connectivity in which one can directly listen to music by just linking one's smartphone or other compatible devices to the gadget. Also, it's nurtured with LG Sound Sync, which enhances the home cinematic experience without the clutter of unwanted, disgusting, outdated cables. Ugh! The LG Sound Sync technology links compatible LG televisions to the Soundbar without using any wires or plug-ins or other accessories. All it does so is by using Bluetooth. Smart right?
  • Chromecast Built-in _ what does this feature do? Once you know it, you'll love it. It wirelessly streams your music from most popular apps like Pandora and Google Play Music. Chromecast works seamlessly with a smartphone or tablet or iPhone or iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook. It saves one from downloading over his favorite playlist again and again.
  • 4K Pass-Through - 4K resolution is the brand new video quality standard that sets it apart from all. This sound bar supports HDCP 2.2. It is done so as one can enjoy hassle-free 4k quality everywhere without any dramatic intrusion of low-quality video.

What do our customers have to say?

lg sj9 additional speakers

Customers are undoubtedly in love with this product of ours. Why wouldn't it be loved? From a ranging majestic look to its whole crafty self and incredible sound and visual qualities. Your happiness is our priority, and you matter to us. The unbeatable sound quality aided with all the visual technicalities that would set it on top of your favorite list is what we had on our minds when we engineered this maestro.
From Dolby atmosphere intake that brings the cinematic experience come alive at home to the most useful and loveable features, fused with the ultimate in surround audio. This product stays unbeatable in every aspect. It is also topped up with high-resolution audio, that gives vast clearance of music be it buzz, jazz, and Off Drops.

Summing up
There goes a saying as to "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life. " True that is. We believe that every music that is so close to your heart needs to have every nook and corner of its softest beat heard. And hence we worship you with this technology.

Having said that " A good movie is one which you see over and over again." For all such movies that you pay so much of love and attention to, we devote our very best never to let a scene ok 4k go waste. So sit back and relax and let our winner do the task.

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