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Micca MB42 Reference Bookshelf Speakers Black, Pair Review


There are many audio lovers, who all love to hear music in some best bookshelf speaker. But to get one excellent bookshelf speakers, you all always search many speakers. It is seen that you all cant get the best speaker by spending less money, but here it is the opposite.

You can go for theMicca MB42 Bookshelf speakersthat come within your budget. Thespeaker isone of the top-rated and best quality speakers that you can have in your room. Micca is always known to be producing the best quality budget speakers who all are affordable for you all. This Micca MB42 is currently top the list for the bestbookshelf speakerstill now. Micca ensures that the speaker provides the customer with the best sound quality in their rooms.


  • Good quality sound
  • Superior built material
  • The high-performance silk dome tweeter
  • Risk-free Home trail

A look at its different features

The Micca MB42 is one of the best affordable speakers for you all. The speaker is the last thing that you can have in your home as ahome theater.Here is the description of some essential features that you all will surely love to know about the speaker.

1. Woofer

The most important part of the speaker is its woofer. In MB42 speaker, you will get a4-inchCarbon Fiber Woofer.With the inclusion of these two items, you can see that it helps in offering you with enhanced responsiveness. The carbon fiber woofer helps in producing a deep bass in your room.

2. Passive speaker

When you are going to get the MB42home audio,then you must know that it does not comes with the amplifier. It means that if you want to listen to your music in the room, then for thatamplifier required.After that only you can play the songs in the right way.

3. Small form factor

If you take a look at the speakers, then you can see that the dimensions of the speakers measure 9.5 X 5.8 X 6.5 inches. Moreover, the speakers, too have not any kind of elements that helps in protruding the things in it. For all these things, it is always a perfect thing for you to have in your home or even in offices as well.

4. Performance

When you take a look at the performance of thehome theater,then you can see that it has got good sensitivity. The speakers are of 85db of 1W/1M. Apart from that, the frequency of the response always stays between 60 Hz and 20 Hz. For all these things, it gives an excellentvoice clarityfor every room.

5. Silk dome tweeter

The Tweeter present in the speaker is designed in such a way that it will offer the customers with a smooth treble to the ears. Due to the presence of the4-inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair),it gives high-quality imaging at the end.

6. Design of the box

If you take a look at the design of the MB42 box, then it is very simple but classic in style. The dimension andcompact classic designof the speaker is such that it can get fit easily in bookshelves.

7. Risk-Free trial

These Micca speakers are always returnable. The company provides an opportunity for the customer to take the speaker home and try, and if they do not give awell-balanced sound,then the customer can quickly return the same.

Have a good start with these speakers

There is always a discussion about the Micca MB42 speakers and how they are best in their category. If you take a look at the features, then the speaker lacks modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and the inclusion of amplifiers in it.

But still, despite all that, the speaker is one of the most in-demand and top performance speakers for you all. The speaker is designed in such a manner that it will not compress the quality of the sound that you all want to hear. It is seen that almost all professionals love to go for this system due to the best quality sound that it provides to you all. The best part of the system is that it is like an all-in-one system with a reasonable price for many people.

Build quality and design of the speaker

The MB42 speaker comes to with a classy design. The design is such that you can find little things and some small details in the box. The edges of the soundbox are round, which gives an attractive look to the speaker. These designs can easily be found on the cabinet edges.

Moreover, the box comes with an excellent finish to have a beautiful look. You can find that it is one of the best faux wood grain that you can have in this range of sound boxes. But among all these things, you all can see that the biggest and best part of getting these to your home is the size and dimensions. The boxes are having a dimension of 6.5 X 5.8 X 9.5 inches, and the weight is only 3 pounds. With such a dimension and lightweight, you can see that these boxes can quickly get fit to the bookshelves or at any place within any size of the room.

The speakers are the best as they can make themselves hide within the room without much effort. But when you go to the rear side of the soundbox, you can find a grille in it. When you remove the grille, you will see a 0.75 inch or 2 cm Silk DomeTweeter (black, pair)as well as a 4-inch or 10 cm woven carbon fiber woofer.

The other things that you will get here on the backside are spades, pins, banana plugs, and stripped bare wires as well. All these things make the speaker one of the best ones for you all. But when you are going for it, you must keep in mind that these boxes alwaysneed an amplifier or receiver.The reason for it is that it does not have one integrated amplifier, and it needs to be connected with exterior points.

About the sound quality

If you are going to have a good sound quality speaker, then go out and buy Micca MB42 speaker for it. When a track was played in it, the music that it gives to the ears is nothing but full of quality. If you all look at the starting of the high pitch sounds, then the box will never fail to amaze you in it. It gives out some realistic sound that you can never imagine to have in such a budget range soundbox.

Like that, when the drum starts to play the song, the speaker shows the clarity that it can have for you. The presence of little speakers deep inside the box makes the effect an impactful. The impact is such that you will never have the same result even in the large speakers as well. Here is the detailed feature in a divided format for your better understanding.

Bass quality

The bass is the main thing that plays an essential role here. The quality is very high here for the size of the speaker.

The bass quality here shows how the sound engineering is done here with the great combination of all basics.

The woofer that is present here is best and is optimized in such a manner that it encloses with the 60 Hz or even low than that. These features are extraordinary and are unique for the small woofer size.

If you are a frequent listener, then you can see that MB 42 will not make the sound thin. For all these reasons, you can see that you all dont need to go and add a subwoofer. Furthermore, when you increase the volume, then the woofer doesnt lose the composure.

Midrange sounds

If you are listening to the sounds in the mid-range, then MB42 is also the best one for you all.

You can see that both male and female vocals are stated to be in upper bass as well as in the lower midrange. Apart from that all, there are pros and cons as well when it comes to the signature of the sounds.

It is seen that there are many people who all love to have a warm and forward vocal as it makes the sound more clear and attractive. So, you can come and listen to it in the mid-range without any issue as it increases the vocal clarity easily in low volume.

Upper midrange

When you are going for the upper midrange and produce low treble, then MB42 states of being not so good in it. If you listen to the sounds in this range, then you will found that it provides a little trouble to the quality. All these causes due to the combination of the unfiltered breakup of woofer modes as well as the resonant Tweeter peak. Furthermore, the output of the woofer gets low, and it causes the vocals to produce a deep sound.

With such kinds of things happens in the upper midrange, it shows how worst it can be if you go for this range. To improve it, you can go for a lower crossover point with the steep slope for Tweeter. It will help in low-pass the woofer and, as a result, will decrease the audibility of the breakup modes.

How is the clarity of the sound?

The next important thing that a customer looks at it is the clarity of the sound in the box. But when it comes to the Micca MB42, then here you can see that it does not go for the best bass or vocal ranges. In the speaker, you can see that it blurs the elements of the song and make it challenging to pick the right instrument from it. As the quality of the sound decreases, so the strain also increases in the sound.

So, when you are thinking of buying the Micca MB42 sound boxes, then you must also see the pros and cons of the boxes. These things will help you in getting the right thing in a significant way without any trouble for the future. Here is the list of the pros and cons for you all.


  • As it is a passive speaker, so it comes with great versatility.
  • The MB42 soundbox is best for bass as it has got a carbon fiber woofer in it.
  • It is best for the home entertainment system.
  • The company provides an outstanding return policy to all its customers who all buy it.
  • It got an attractive look for the eyes.
  • It is very easy to set-up as well as use it.
  • It can be pair with any kind of receiver and amplifier as well.
  • The sound quality is best and gives a lot of details on it as well.


  • You can get a harsh midrange sound quality.
  • It needs the exterior amplifier and receiver.
  • It needs to get broke in.
  • It lacks somebasic features.

Will I recommended the Micca MB42 Bookshelf speakers?

Well, when I start to use the Micca MB42 speaker, it impresses me a lot. The speaker has got everything in it with a well-balanced woofer, enhanced bass, quality of sound, and the best silk dome tweeter. Apart from the performance, the other thing that takes my heart is its design and size. It is designed in such a way that it can quickly get fit for any bookshelves easily.

But, what I feel is not so good is the absence of the amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity, andnot for use directly with Turntable.But despite these disadvantages, I will surely recommend this to the customers. If you ignore these things, then it has got all the features that a soundbox must-have, and the price tag is very reasonable as well for you all.

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