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Polk Audio Command Sound Bar Review


For people who want to switch from their crappy computer speakers that have failed miserably with their sound to something classy and audible at best, Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control may sound like a better alternative. If your speakers have deceived you for like hundreds of times and can't even be adequately audible in your party hall, then there is nothing to be ashamed of as Polk Audio Command s compact Bookshelf Speakers have come to your rescue. There are a lot of things for which you can use these speakers. For example, if you are into gaming, then these speakers would prove as an extraordinary choice. Also, you can use these small musical delights for a lot of other things as well, including the reason if you have been putting your heart into a lot of music lately. You will be undoubtedly blown away by the high-definition sound resolution, the bass will be powerful enough to please your musical soul, and the notes will be as clear as crystal. The Versatile speakers will have you wanting to play every device off on them, and the sound will surely mesmerize you without any fail. Hook in your gaming console, computer or TV for exceptional sound quality. What else can a sound-freak want?

What are the available features?

The Polk Audio Command R1280DBs looks, versatility and power makes it an exceptional aid for your Home theatre, TV or PC. This is the sole reason for which the speakers are ruling the market of Home Audio. The 42 Watts RMS speakers can shut any of its competitors down with the deliberate powerful sound that sounds like a treat to hear. The elegant looking bookshelf speakers give you the freedom to amplify and press the boundaries of sound for your studio experience or heightening the background for your music sessions. Here are a few other features that need your attention if you still have any second thoughts regarding your choice of speakers for your home. Have a look!

  • Style paired with comfort:

The speakers are unbelievably compact and powerful that have the dimensions of 146 x 241 x 178mm per speaker and are extremely lightweight with a weight of mere 12.43 pounds. Surprisingly all the power and amazing sound quality come in the size of these speakers whose size sit somewhere between a Bookshelf Hi-Fi speaker and a typical PC speaker. Also, these classic speakers come in two elegant shades that look so can make people envy you. These speakers look gorgeous with some more than the price pay off like side panels made up of proper, hefty MDF construction with a wood-textured vinyl wrap. The speakers suit both modern as well as vintage home decor ideas. You can fit these small boxes of joy anywhere you want or need. If you are looking for some intricate details that will make your speakers look different from the rest of the other products available in the market, then you shouldn't miss Polk Audio Command s rounded corners, that are a subtle switch from the wood-textured sides to the mottled-textured middle. Opting for the black look won't be a loss of money either as the classic look can blend with any of your Television sets or PCs.

  • On-Board Controls:

On the speakers, there are side panel knobs to adjust the EQ as per your liking or requirements. Located on the powered/active speaker, the controls can be used to equalize sound to please ears. The treble, bass, and volume knobs located on the side panel not only heighten the accessibility of the speakers but also provides the modern users with the ease to control sound providing uninterrupted playtime. After all, who doesn't want tight controls to any device? And these knobs are something that provides a touch of a classic record player to the modern Bluetooth speakers. You are going to witness the vibrant sound, and the system is straightforward to use.

  • Optical and Coaxial inputs:

The selection of inputs is what makes the speaker a versatile option. For the speakers, digital inputs are available to enable lossless connection to most TV and computers. There are two RCA connections for both RCA and AUX connection. Comprehension and control become all the way easier so now without any extra boxes or paraphernalia you can hook up a PC, TV or something like a Google Chromecast Audio and connect your phone through Bluetooth that used to seem like a dream before. The optical cable can also serve as an add on as it can be used to provide Optical Input necessary for connecting with Wireless Studio Monitors.

  • Studio Sound Quality:

With 4 inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter, the speakers promisingly provide you with a reasonable and powerful sound that is detailed and the most importantly the bass aren't forced that makes the sound more natural than any other home theatre. If you are into music or know the nuts and bolts of equalizing, then you would be pleased to hear that the assignments Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control are blessed with front-facing bass reflex port which helps the low frequencies to get emphasized giving the bass more power. Watching some bombastic action movies or thrilling horror movies on your television or PC while plugging these speakers on can get you all the impact and energy for explosions and spooks and goosebumps as well for the horror part. Just imagine how amazing would it be! The studio monitor speakers with gorgeous wooden Enclosure are all aboout more depth and volume with basic all-in-one soundbars as compared with other modest audio upgrade solutions for a TV or PC.

  • Hassle free handling:

Ever tripped on your speaker wires and cursed it? Well if you did then Polk Audio commands have got these wireless Bluetooth speakers to save your back. Now simply the Bookshelf Speakers can be connected to iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC, Mac or any technology via bluetooth and that too without any hassle of wires. Also, there is also an LED that indicates power, input and Bluetooth status. However, it may be noted that this LED isnt quite visible from the front, which makes it a bit tricky for the users to tell if the speakers have registered a button press on the remote.

  • The all-new remote!

With Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control toggling inputs and adjusting the volume will be at fingertips with the remote control that is paired up with the speakers. Activating playback with the buttons located in the square with the Bluetooth logo can make the Goliath task of sound handling a playful experience for you. The sleek black remote control contains an all total of twelve buttons that are logically arranged to make your entire handling task a lot easier. Now you don't need to get up every time and use the knobs on the speaker to manipulate music as per your needs. The remote control can do it all for you!

  • Warranty and Price:

All this combination of power and performance coupled with sleek and modern design comes at a price of just $129. Equipped with all new features and power packed performance Polk Audio Command s classic speakers with the wood grain finish are the best selling speakers with an upgrade. In addition, there is a warranty of 2 years for any damage based on the terms of Polk Audio Command. If you have to sum of the entire range of feature for these terrific speakers, then the one word to go for is value for money. The speakers are guaranteed with high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labour warranty for two years.

What are the newly loaded features?

The new Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control had just got better with time. The 4 Inch near field speakers have made a massive revolution in the market of sound and is a variant for sleek contemporary design. The remote is like a cherry on the cake as it allows tight control over the sound system. The remote control has Mute, Power, Volume up/down, Input Select: PC, AUX, Optical, Coaxial and Bluetooth Controls like Pause/Play/Skip Track for the convenience of the users. The remote control is convenient and compact for input selection, volume adjustment and track control.

The Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control look stunning and have high-end performance. The speakers can produce quality sound and swift execution. The bass of this model is so powerful that it can vibrate any room or space it occupies. The bass is pleasant, not harsh. The newly refined look with a twist can give any tech freak or music lover goals for their equipment. The set up is straightforward and won't take more than 40 minutes to assemble. The new optical, coaxial and wireless Bluetooth inputs can make you experience full HD audio for the first time. Good for Active Near Field Monitors and any technology these wireless Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are compatible with any device. To connect them with your phone, pc or TV and enjoy a high-end HD audio experience.

polk audio command bar review

Why buy these pair of speakers?

You will get a plethora of reasons for buying this fantastic pair of speakers. The speakers can work for your small listening space or for any substantial posh party in your living room that you have thrown. The best part is that the speakers are so compact and lightweight that they can be carried anywhere. So be it a car party, any house warming party or just your regular music sessions, everything will be only nearly equal to perfection. The bargain price, versatility and performance and power make the speakers a fantastic choice to invest a small fortune in. You can pair the speakers with multiple input sources, and all this comes in a price that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Also, these speakers look so classic that they can blend with any of your techs.

This upgraded version of a modern classic can make every one spend their money over the speakers or get jealous of you while they see the Bookshelf Speakers in your home.

Aesthetics are also important in an audio setup and so the device id endowed with high gloss black finish or the wooden vinyl look that looks enchanting for your home decor. Conveniently located knobs on the side panels of the speaker allow complete control of audio, bass, and treble for an ultimate musical experience. You can also alter your music from the ease of your bed, couch or any available range with the wireless remote. Now you can even pair your smartphone to the chic bookshelf speaker without being tangled in the wires through Bluetooth. Once you connect, you can hear unlimited music from your Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control. The audio piece will serve as an excellent compliment for your home decor with a high-quality MDF wood build finished with walnut vinyl wood effect.

The bottom line:

If you want crisp highs and thundering lows that can deliberately offer you an expressive sound quality, then there's no better alternative than these entirely constructed speakers. For any person who is an enormous audiophile, these speakers are an ultimate option. In the world of sound enthusiasts, the name of Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Hands-free Amazon Alexa Voice Control is as sonorous as a cinderblock. Bass is tight and yet full. You can go through the customer reviews, and you are going to witness experiences of how people loved it. The Polk Audio Command Sound Bar Bookshelf Speakers has more features that help produce superior sound as compared to any other sound system. The R1280DB is splendid and fun with the most recent Bluetooth innovation permitting recess from any compatible technology, including smartphones, tablets or PCs. These reasonably priced compact speakers are something that you can adore for studio recording as well as for your home. Get a pair for your home and see how the sound of these amazingly sounding speakers makes a difference in your life!

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