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Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System Review


Experiencing world-class sound identical to the thrill of a cinema hall was not a possible thing before. But due to the tremendous developments in the technology now it is possible to feel the thrill of your favourite shows and movies in stunning 3.1 ch Dolby Atmos sound. Polk Audio presents the HT-MAGIFI ONE soundbar with a wireless subwoofer which is a smart solution to improve the often inadequate sound of modern flat-screen televisions, and it is well tested that how the combination of Soundbar and subwoofer works in practice. The Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System is a recommendation for all music and movie lovers who want decent sound quality. It is an asset that has become a mood refresher in an immense way to everyday busy scheduled life. It adds a touch of jolliness to the tiring experience. In this swift forward life, Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System changes your mood in no time. It saves so much time as well as energy and helps you to work again in a new and enthusiastic attitude. Its ability to create an expanded soundstage from just three drivers and a subwoofer is sonic magic.

Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System with DOLBY Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer

Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System 3.1ch Soundbar come with Dolby Atmos and a wireless subwoofer. This device helps you to hear sound from all directions with max 7.1.2 surround sound. The advanced digital signal processing converts any audio to immersive surround with just the click of a button on the remote.


The Soundbar comes with a wide range of features with an impressive sound performance, which is technologically extremely attractive, and some of the advanced features are discussed below:


The new efficient Soundbar delivers the best performance. It enables you to watch in maximum 7.1.2ch sound. It boosts audio frequencies to isolate voices and amplifies background noise for greater clarity. By this, it does Voice Enhancement thus increasing the performance scale. It serves seven different sound modes, thus enhancing your entertainment experience. It lets you go deeper into the cinematic mode, Gaming mode, Sports mode or Music mode. You can enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. HT-MAGIFI ONE delivers an expanded sound field using post-processing virtualization.


Design-wise, the MAGIFI ONE is neat and straightforward. The bar is around a meter wide and features a removable grille, which conceals a trio of drivers. Rear Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs(which are 4K HDCP and Dolby Vision compatible) plus an HDMI out with ARC. Theres also USB, an analogue stereo 3.5 mm minijack input, and optical digital audio input. Setup is straightforward. There's no provision for auto-calibration, although you can manually set listening distance for the Soundbar and subwoofer. A clean Watch/Listen/Setup graphical interface provides on-screen orientation.


The brand Polk Audio itself speaks the quality of the product. When you are bringing Polk Audio Sound Bar, you are bringing a compatible member for the house. Polk Audio has been a perfect partner over these years. With Polk Audio, you can be assured that you are choosing a dependable and reliable product. Polk Audio has been making products that you can rely on. It's a trusted partner that you may depend on it in a significant manner.


The attractive features optimize the performances of the Soundbar. It works in a connected manner with ALEXA. You can enjoy a secure full-resolution connection with Marc. With each,the MAGIFI ONE Soundbar can relay full-resolution sound, including the latest immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. With the latest 4K HDR 18 Gbps pass-through and HDCP 2.2, the HT-MAGIFI ONE is made for the latest home theatre formats. You can wirelessly connect to online music streaming with built-in Wi-Fi. The HT-MAGIFI ONE comes with a full-function remote control, but also offers touch controls for power, input selection and volume. There's also an IR repeater.


The HT-MAGIFI ONE SOUNDBAR by POLK AUDIO has been engineered to deliver the best possible performance. Polk Audio is itself a trademark of quality and has been a trusted partner for years. The full-range Soundbar provides impressive sound quality. You can connect via HDMI, WI-FI, USB and more to enjoy music and movies from different sources. You can play music through an active Bluetooth connection wirelessly. DSEE HX(Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) is an enhancer to the sound. It upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality. You can play music, online radio, podcasts from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your audio device.


If you are using Polk Audio soundbar a number of benefits, all homeowners can expect and here are of the benefits that the customer need to know before buying this product. Some of the benefits are discussed below:


The soundbar and subwoofer combination played with an amazingly powerful and full-grown sound. While enjoying some movies, HT-MAGIFI ONE definitively proves what it is capable of. It gives a robust and detailed sound with clear dialogue and has impressive virtual surround. The companys new Dolby Atmos soundbar, the HT-MAGIFI ONE, is another excellent showcase for Polk Audios considerable talents in the arena of technology.


The MAGINIFI ONE features all the inputs you would expect from a bar of its stature, including ARC HDMI, dual HDMI inputs, optical digital audio, and 3.5mm analogue audio inputs, and an Ethernet port to hardwire into your network.


Touch controls on the top of the bar for power, source, and volume keep the minimalist black aesthetic clean, while a slim silver line protruding from the front adds a bit of style.


Connecting the MAGIFI ONE to your TV is a relatively straightforward affair if you have got HDMI ARC, which is the easiest way to use the bar and also gets you the best sound performance. If your TV has ARC and CEC turned on you can control the MAGIFI ONEs volume and power with your TV remote. If you dont have ARC, you can connect via the Optical cable, but you wont get the on-screen menu.


The Polk Audio soundbar is a highly recommended investment for all music lovers. The product brings in a vast number of smart and advanced features. If you arent yet sure whether or not the Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System soundbar will be a worthy investment, here are the exact reasons why purchasing the product will indeed be a right decision:

  • Smart technique

It is an intelligent solution to improve the often inadequate sound of modern flat-screen televisions. It is awe-inspiring of the Soundbar to be able to balance powerful,distortion-free sound with bright and full dialogue even when things get incredibly raucous in-screen. The Soundbar comes with the one-year Limited Warranty of the company. Any defects taking place in typical usage of the product within the warranty period will be repaired/ replaced by the company free of cost.

  • Top Class Features

The Soundbar by Polk Audio showcases best-in-class and highly advanced features. Some of the most important features are listed below:

  1. Powerful sound which convinces good momentum, tight bass and clear treble.
  2. The Soundbar is free from any of disturbance, noise which gives the sound field an enjoyable width and depth.
  3. At the heart of the HT-MAGIFI, ONE is Polk Audios Vertical S up-mixer in addition to these is Dolbys own Atmos virtual processing. The HT-MAGIFI ONE isnt just about movies. It's compatible with High-res FLAC 192khz 24bit and DSD, and the result is more engaging than you might imagine.
  4. In the box, there is a remote(RMT-AH400U)', batteries for remote, HDMI cable, wall hanging bracket(with screws*2), wall mount template. You can stream music, online music from the Amazon connected device directly to the MAGIFI ONE soundbar.
  5. Vertical S is given prominence on the remote control. This does not switch the vertical sound engine on or off, but toggles the up-mixer, and is used for two-channel and non-object based sound mixes when the HT-MAGIFI ONE receives Dolby Atmos or DTS:X bitstream, the vertical sound engine switches on automatically.

You can experience the cinematic sound and connects with other devices. Its impressive sound with the slim design is very versatile. You get a choice of hooking up your Soundbar to your TV or receiver with either optical cable or HDMI CABLE, which is perfect. As far as the size of the Soundbar and subwoofer goes, they are on the smaller side. The Soundbar is thinner and flatter than some other soundbars. It takes up little space in front of or under your TV or when wall mounted. The subwoofer is relatively small and does not take up too much space, so you can set it pretty much anywhere you want without any worries. The Soundbar is an unusual thing to buy. It is very versatile keeping the consumers in mind and is extremely slim that complements your TV. It's tough to beat Polk Audio at such less price.

What Users Have To Say About Polk Audio Magnifi One Sound Bar And Wireless Subwoofer System

As of now, a huge number of consumers are already using the POLK AUDIO MAGNIFI ONE SOUNDBAR AND WIRELESS SUBWOOFER SYSTEM soundbar. The users of the Soundbar are pleased and satisfied with the performance, features, and usability of the product. They have acknowledged that the product has helped them profoundly in complementing a perfect combination to their TV and has made their TV space look good. They have stated that the Soundbar is a significant improvement over TV own speakers and the combination is much cheap price-wise comparing to another TV version with better built-in speakers. It does the trick and makes the experience of watching TV much more pleasant. The consumers who are already using the Soundbar have highly recommended the product for all the homes. If you are an audiophile and dream to play really high-quality music, you will love the product. It looks great and grabs attention no matter where you decide to place it. It is highly durable and reliable. It is just a boon for the consumers in this busy scheduled and fast life, and it keeps pace with this hectic life. This set up supports most current HD sound formats so that you will get really nice, high quality surrounds sound for all your favourite TV shows, movies, and video games. It is absolutely the best sound coming out of the theatre-like experience. It is super clear, loud, vibrant deep sound. It is easy to set up. The subwoofer and rear speakers synced automatically.

Final Words on Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System

The Polk Audio company designs product with the latest and most advanced technologies that bring out the best features of the product to the display. These high rated features have made the product must-invest-in home living space areas. The features have appealed all the consumers and convinced them about the sound quality of the product. The people-loving technology, along with reliability, will love this product, and they will enjoy in an enormous way. It is much better than other speakers in terms of functionality. The most crucial point is Polk Audio has been known for a long time, so there is no doubt in trust.

It is just a very suitable device required in every house for all kind of music purposes and is really necessary for a well sophisticated maintained home to maintain the decor. Technologically it can be a boon to all the music lovers. The Polk Audio soundbar is a must-try for all the consumers. The Polk Audio brand is a mark of dependability and sturdiness and will last you years.

Polk Audio magnifi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System really do offer an enhanced listening experience over vanilla-flavoured stereo soundbars. It has scale and width and works well with movies and music. The bar and subwoofer meld together for powerful bass and striking high frequencies that blasts into the room with distortion-free sound.How well Polk Audio does with music, especially for its tiny size. It lets the system stream in the background, the bar and the sub seamlessly work together. While most soundbar/subwoofer combos aim at cinematic content providing powerful bass, MAGIFI ONE finds that middle ground, offering smooth and creamy midrange frequencies matched by rich bass and a tight cut up top for an impressively well balanced and musical sound signature.

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