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Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker Review


As it pertains to this period of purchasing a new Soundsystem along with some fantastic speakers, then there certainly are various good alternatives. But that is your most appropriate for you? This Polk keeps track of 60 evaluate is currently supplying you with together with all of the essential info regarding the item. Determined by friendship and assembled on hope, the provider, which stands, is Polk Audio. The business is famous due to his or her speakers. Thus it's an excellent reason behind bettering your dwelling room together using Polk keep track of sixty. Scroll this particular review and also have a deeper consider the merchandise specifications and features.

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker review


Polk Monitor 60 Review


The first check Series were having its own primary and suitable design and style that includes an excellent solid structure produced by Polk famed. What's more, accurate and precise noise, using accession of bass and also inexpensive value, created amazing sound designed for everybody. A variety of readily available features allow one to see the increased overall performance and high quality sound.

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker sequence II is generated from the most respected Polk Audio. This particular model has been hugely popular within the previous half a year chiefly since they offer a bang for the wealth. It's my inkling, which they're usually purchased as something special for family members plus that I will firmly state that they produce a fantastic gift. This really is but one among the cheapest I've evaluated (Watch selling price on Amazon). I'm an enthusiastic supporter of committing the sixty sequence II because of the present as you obtain great significance for the hard-earned money, therefore since you possibly recognize an essential function of the speaker would be to send the most noise of this recording clean and"uncolored." Even though these tend not to get to the cellar at cells that are low that they really do produce a very high high-quality"un-colored" noise, this really is just what you would like when buying a speaker inside this budget. I've utilized them with almost any good subwoofer, along with also the combination that may cause a severe stroke. These can absolutely boost any songs or picture played with on your living room or bedroom.

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker review


Polk Monitor Sixty Review Features


Slender Style and Design

The Polk Monitor sixty speaker includes a tasteful and slender design and style. Thus, it's planning to always become an ideal fit for your own flat panel television and also other thin-line residence apparatus and parts. The modern-day search will highlight the modern contemporary and contemporary decorating fashions.

The elderly Monitor collection of this Polk Audio was consistently renowned for the healthy structure, uncomplicated installation, and right noise, and men and women's expectations ended up just about all of the full time add up for the caliber of the goods.

The more modern keep an eye on the show are now getting sold since high heeled loudspeakers at quite a reasonable price label. Contemplating the worth, the developed caliber of these speakers would be really for sure a few of those advantages of these speakers.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker Collection II Evaluate

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker sequence II speakers are working on getting the best & most in-depth high-speed answer for a really naturalistic bass replica with its own 1-inch fabric-polymer dome tweeter. The speakers also boast that the five 0,25-inch lightweight bi-laminate lively balance drivers, so leading to a lowly distortion and far better bass.

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker


The cupboards are created from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, also a combination of genuine timber fibers and compact resin) using a powerful bracing and 3/4 thick foliage, possibly leading into a more durable and more comprehensive substantial encounter. For greater flexibility and also an improved stability selection for hookups, Polk Audio made a decision to really go together with double 5-way connectors.


The drives are specially intended for your mid-century to reproduce its noise in addition to a more significant dispersion. The plan of these drivers will also be leading to an even more sophisticated bass reaction. The intriguing truth is the fact that crossovers of those Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker sequence II are making use of Mylar bypass capacitors to get the point of detail at frequencies that are high.

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker specs


Due to the timber grain completes the entire look sounds very visually stylish and modern to suit me personally. Studying the base of the speakers, so '' I really don't know any different floor-standing speakers using a curved stabilizer such as that you've got. The ft will also be bold and relatively significant, making equilibrium to any floor, leading to a considerably pleasing bass reaction.


Polk Audio is fabled due to their evaluation in their products such as decline testing, UV vulnerability testing, or assessments to get an intense indication reply. Polk's floor standing speakers are not built for quite a temporary solution, yet to work for so much as you are able to.

Wonderful Sound-quality

The three 5.25 Bi-Laminate mix lively equilibrium drivers along with also one loud equilibrium silk/polymer composite dome tweeter are providing crisp highs and more true temptations. It really is potential at a higher skill degree. Thus this really is the best answer for the house theater apps.

Much like the majority of the floor-standing speakers outside there, the Polk Audio Monitor collection II could be utilized in several two ways too. Primarily, you may use the speakers being part of the more impressive surround head unit.

Inside this instance, it is absolutely worthwhile considering purchasing a center speaker and a subwoofer. Amazon Alone urges mixing the speakers together with all the Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Driven Subwoofer and also the Polk Audio CS10 Center-channel Speaker. In any other case, you may utilize the speakers whilst the only real part of one's speaker, and it is not a poor idea inside this event way too.

Today you may be asking when the caliber will stay precisely the same in the event that you may opt never to obtain the additional center speaker as well as the subwoofer. With respect to sound excellent, nothing else varies. You can find just two objects, although you are unable to get devoid of extra gear.

Initially, the environmental surroundings the adventure won't be distinct, as using speakers that are more. The 2nd issue is the reproduction of all low pitched sound frequencies (bass guitar ) adventure, which will be mostly of use if viewing films or listening into bass music genres. This can be the purpose every time a fantastic subwoofer is going to perform its own job. As I said previously, Amazon urges acquiring the speakers using a subwoofer Polk Audio PSW10.

The excellent audio overall is entirely well worth every penny than the real price tag. The ability of this woofers have zero issue with tackling more bass music genres, and also the step by step and crystal clear sound stipulates a fantastic experience into the music listeners.

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker


Now you can quickly put the speaker near your television or some other apparatus without any being focused on issues brought on by disturbance. Unshielded machinery is able to create severe harm to additional equipment because of the interfering. This characteristic permits one to put the speaker in any given desirable location.


In the same way as every product that can be found on the marketplace, Polk keeps track of sixty has its own drawbacks. Naturally the crystal clear and sharp noise is insufficient for the complete noise operation. To receive the optimal/optimally adventure, you ought to make use of a surround sound installation having a subwoofer rear or front. Additionally, using at least five speakers. Clients that are searching for an entire audio performance aren't advocating this item. But in the event that you'd like only fantastic high quality audio for ordinary usage, that really is the ideal fit for you personally.

Installation and listening

A straightforward setup, literally shoot them out of this bundle and put them up, '' I actually liked looking out distinct genres of audio together with them I said previously they do not possess a really profound foundation (however way better than you would hope for this cost )they really do supply a more fantastic uncolored variant of this recording and also therefore I actually loved listening to concert replays. For a reason why I finished up hearing Bruce Springsteen's live theater in Sweden. These cans indeed do sparkle when it regards the mid-century, therefore it provides you the intimate sensation and making them very pleasing. Bruce Springsteen in Sweden? Arbitrary, I understand, however, it will not reveal that all these really are extremely enjoyment speakers to possess considering the purchase price they indeed are a terrific buy.

Specialized Specifications -

Dimensions 14 x 7 x 37.5 In.

Excess weight 3-1 Pounds

Transport Fat 36.1 Pounds

Producer Polk Audio

Homemade Produced in the USA

Pros :

Deeper bass compared to comparably priced speakers therefore which has been a Wonderful surprise

Presents Crystal Clear"Uncolored" variant of documenting

Offers right high-definition noises to get your mid-century and high-range

Gives that Extremely"intimate" atmosphere throughout mid Ranges That Makes it suitable for films (particularly those frightening stressed scenes)

Inner bracing to assist prevent resonances inside the cupboard

Quite Inexpensive

polk audio monitor 60 series ii floorstanding speaker review


The disadvantages:


Does not Always Have ultra profound bass

Does not Offer ideal high-range functionality

Encounters resonances high volumes

Closing Verdict

For a finish with the Polk keep track of sixty evaluate, I'd state it's but one of many most useful services and products it's possible to purchase. The item is profitable together with 4.4 from 5 purchaser inspection celebrities that will be more than merely astonishing. The majority of the clients express that should found along with an adequate subwoofer, and you're becoming superb fantastic mix. In the end, as soon as you precisely set the Polk keep track of 60 using a proper sub, you're likely to understand how beautiful that this speaker will be. Usually, do not miss excess hours, have actions that alike the fantastic audio.




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