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Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar with 4K and HDR Support Review


If you have decided to place an external sound system for having the high-class sound experience in your house, then it's the right time to select the best soundbar. Sony CT 290 is a great tool, and Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar with 4K and HDR Support is also a fantastic alternative. So, the question is, what would be best for your home?
refurbished sony htct790 4k tv soundbar

HTCT 790 is a massive sound system with a lot more technicalities and benefits. Having huge specifications don't mean 790 is ahead of 290. It depends upon the purpose and condition. Both items demand keen attention. So, let's enjoy the comparison and earn your logic of buying a model.

The promises:
Sony has promised to serve the best experience with its creations. People would achieve more satisfaction than any other market product with the home audio tools of Sony. The company has invested a lot in R&D and develop different gizmos, which are unique. Sony wants to launch the best quality products that would affordable for mass and satisfy them with consequences. Apart from the general motto of the brand, these specific models have their faith and resolution.

The first promise is, get out from the atrocious TV sound with Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Soundbar. The ultra-slim layout and acute manufacturing of the tool not only would enhance the beauty of the room but also with the specifications the product can serve extra-ordinary feel to the users. The simple format helps a common man in operating the music system. Three hundred watts maximum power makes the system powerful in bedrooms. Wireless control and wall mounting features allow users to be comfier in accessing the tool. Overall view of CT 290 promises to provide a great familiarity.

HTCT 790 is saying that it's the tool to create a cinema at home. With 4k and HDR supportiveness, 790 is a giant sound tool for houses. The product doesn't like to be in limitations. It not only caters exuberant resonance in a room but also it can continue the experience throughout the house. Multiple speaker connectivity features via SonyPal application, the wireless surround sound experience can pass through the house, doesn't matter how big the house is.

Features that meet the promise:
The sound tools
CT 290 has top class components for creating a classy ambiance in bedrooms. The 2.1ch soundbar is designed with high-frequency tweeters. The tweeters are made scientifically to control the sound clarity in maximum frequency. An additional subwoofer has attached with the package. The woofer takes care of low-frequency tunes. Bass is the primary department of the woofer's working. Excellent development of woofer delivers quality bass experience. Max power that is produced by these two components is 300 watts, which is perfect for a room. The 300 watts power can spread the surround sound effect in 20/25 ft of room sizes.

Connectivity modern technology has adapted in the system, which makes it hazardless. First of all, wire requirement is less. The woofer and soundbar connect via Bluetooth. The master device and the bar connect via Bluetooth. Bar and woofer, both tools would be attached immediately after linking-up the master device with the bar's wireless connectivity. So, there is no need to patch-up a wire for sending signals in the woofer from the bar. The woofer needs an electrical connection, so a cable is attached to it. People have to plug in the jack and switch on that's all. The bar needs electricity also, and there is a wire for an electric connection. Plug in and switch on and then click on the power button of the remote and complete the starting procedure. HDMI ARC cables are given for connecting the TV with the bar. It is all about the simple connection method of CT 290.

Structure sleek and smart are two perfect words for defining CT 290. The sound great bar is around 35inches long with 2.05 inches of height and 3.39 inches of width. The woofer is as lean as the bar, with 6.69 inches of length, approximately 13 inches of height and 3inches of width the woofer is keeping its sleekness. So, such a dimension is proving that the components don't take much space of placement. Another space saving factor has attached to the system. Wall mounting bracket is the feature that makes it adjustable anywhere. Users can keep the small tools on their TV table or hang it on the wall as well. Neutral approach and color of the product don't disturb the interior anyhow.

Multiple controls CT 290 has various control unit. Universal remote control, stuffed keys, and mobile app are three main windows of access. The remote gadget has power, volume control, Bluetooth, play/pause, previous/next, and other settings buttons that give total control on the device. Stuffed keys are less power, volume, play/pause, and Bluetooth, but the necessary works can be done by these beautifully. Applications provide a full visual, and users can easily change the conditions. A single tap would activate each action. The app supports Android and I-phones.

The bar and the woofer there is a high tech bar, and woofer in Google cast HTCT 790 with enormous sound capacity. The extreme power of these two components has made the unit so special. First of all, the woofer and bar can reach up to 330watts of output power.

This competence is perfect for bigger rooms, hall rooms, and dining. Full range drivers are the base of the amplifier design. Two full-range drivers have implemented with some other special abilities and executed a successful S-master digital amplifier. This digital amplifier can maintain sound clarity in higher frequency than any other market product. Next is the woofer, which is designed acutely with wireless front fire capability. While the easy hook S-master amp is taking care of creating high-frequency sound, the woofer is backing with more large bass effects. Thus, the full audio is being produced. Perfect design and high tech substances of woofer and bar make the HTCT 790 different than standard market products. The output power is not so typical in such range. Such extreme sound is appropriate for royal bedrooms or more significant sized apartments. As the minimum resonance can drop into mild sound effects and the amplifier has a night mode feature. Therefore little sized apartments can go for it also.

4k supportiveness 4k resolution is the latest tech that has been adapted in modern devices. All the reputed brands have implemented such high resolution on their TV. According to the tech users' report, most of the middle-class societies are using high-resolution televisions in homes. So, a sound system must support a 4k

Format. Otherwise, streaming music would be depressing because unmatched sound and image wouldn't deliver total high definition experience. There are very few soundbars that have 4k supportiveness. Sony HTCT 790 supports all 4k devices. The music tool provides a great match with all 4k devices. So, users would achieve the best overall experience.

Wireless connection - latest Bluetooth version has implemented in building the base of the connectivity. The tool links with master devices and other gadgets by the wireless connection procedure. The secure connection is the decisive factor of the link building. Strength and extensive range are two main aspects. Full radar allows the speaker's connectivity in taking other sound tools as well. Any virtual connection supported sound systems can be attached to the main bar so users can create Dolby True HD sound effect all around the house. Such multiple connection ability is exclusive in the massive sound system.

Along with the wireless connection, there are 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI ARC output, digital and Analog ports for various contexts. Such extended connectivity option allows the users in linking different speakers, master devices, and other tools to spread the theatrical ambiance all around the house.

Multiple platforms of entertainment The music tool does not consist of television only. Virtual connection with Android and smartphones enlarges the options of music playing. Users can play music from the phone's music library or the internet. The amp has a USB port that allows music playback via USB.

So, users can get vivid options for entertainment. Controlling various platforms of getting enjoyment is simple because of Songpal application. The application allows users to control the soundbar, woofer, TV, and all other connected devices.

Design viewing the dimension of HT-CT 790 says that it's not a space-consuming product.

Near 40inches long soundbar is thin enough. Structurally the bar looks like a keyboard. The entire presentation is slim and finished acutely. A woofer is a compact unit that takes little space. These both tools can be placed anywhere and take less space. Regarding color, style, and layout, 790 has a neutral approach that fits in different interiors.

Comparison of 290 and 790:

  • Size firstly users see the dimension of wireless speakers. Both these products are smart and sleek, but 790 are longer than 290. The bar of 290 is near 33inches long while 790 has near 40 inches of bar. Woofer of 790 is more significant than 290 as well.
  • Power power is the best section to define these two models. 290 has 300 watts of max output power where 790 has 30 watts more. So, in high power demand, 790 would be able to deliver more. Structurally 790 have a more robust set-up than 290.
  • Positive features wall mounting feature is the particular aspect of 290 that makes it a space saver. Multiple output connectivity is the best feature that makes 790 is evident in creating a Dolby sound effect beyond a room.
  • Sound quality 290 provides excellent clarity in high and low frequency, clear dialogue hearing, and powerful resonance. The 2.1ch amp has two tweeters that create crystal clear audio. 790 has 2.1ch amp as well, but two full range drivers make the amp of 790. So, the quality of sound became pure Dolby Digital and 4k supportive.
  • Settings procedures - The settings need to be fixed correctly to get the most transparent sound in 290. With more power 790 have several modes like night, movie, sports, etc. These modes automatically create a suitable set-up by a single tap. The SongPal app makes control more accessible.
  • Cost 790 needs more investment than 290. Both prices are very competitive and affordable. The rates are in range for mass buying also.

Bose solo 5 is a true competitor:
Sony HT-CT 790 is an exclusive product. Regarding the cost, specifications, and quality, the product needs some more expenses. So users have to pay some bucks to bring the Dolby Digital set-up at home. Bose solo 5 TV Sound System with Universal Remote Control is a woofer-less, wireless machine that operates by a universal remote. The product delivers digital sound. In low cost, Bose has launched the music tool that can connect many Bluetooth supported sound tools. Users can connect multiple amplifiers and spread the digital sound in all around the house. The clear dialogue option makes dialogue hearing clearer. Different modes create various ambiances automatically. The system delivers quality sound. Multiple ports allow users to a link-up different device and start diverse entertainment programs.

Many quality products deliver fantastic sound. Specifications make the product utility. If people want to get a giant sound system for creating a comprehensive set-up in house, then such big arrangements are appropriate. There are many alternatives in the market, but HT-CT 790 is a complete item that can deliver Dolby Digital sound that fits with high-resolution images. Mainly, 330 watts max output power, multiple HDMI outputs for extended connection, full range drivers, front firing woofers, and smooth operation are the factors of buying 790. Sony CT800 Powerful Soundbar with 4K HDR, Google Home Support, and Wireless Subwoofer (HT-CT800) is another vital product with Dolby sound effects in the market as well.

What is in the box?

  • 1 x soundbar
  • 1 x woofer
  • 1 x universal remote with 2 batteries
  • 1 x HDMI ARC
  • 1 x user guide
  • 1 x product warranty

sony htct790 sound bar

Product description:
  • Weight 15 pounds
  • Dimension 43.3*20.4*9.9 inches
  • Color Black
  • Model HT-CT 790
  • Manufacturer Sony

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