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Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 8W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review


Want to have a party at the Beach and stop worrying about the damage of your speaker just when you seem to need it the most? Now you do not have to worry about these things with enough waterproof speakers available on the market. Listening to your favourite music on your special speakers is always a passionate and soothing experience. Music and songs have the power to calm our minds and bodies like magic. The invention of new speaker technologies has created an immersive experience for the listener. Owning an excellent speaker is a matter of pride and also a prized possession for many these days. There are a wide variety of speakers that vary in size, sound output, features, price, etc. But which one is the best? Read on to discover the incredible options we've put together in this guide and find out what to look for when buying.

So, what is a waterproof speaker exactly? The waterproof speaker is something you can throw in the pool without biting the dust. If the label says "waterproof", it means that the speaker can survive floating in the water for about half a minute. The water-resistant can survive only a splash of water (or maybe both). So when shopping, look for the IPX rating (or IP rating) of the enclosure that ranks devices based on their water-resistance properties.

IPX can be anything between IPX-0 and IPX5, with 0 not at all waterproof and 8 or 7 able to be immersed in water for half an hour. That's precisely what you need to look for - an IPX index greater than 4. But waterproofing is not the only feature to consider when buying a shower speaker; there are other factors, such as price, sound quality, design, size, battery life, among others. But before we go to the search criteria, let's see how waterproof speakers work.

The waterproof speakers work in conjunction with the device of your choice via a Bluetooth connection. When you turn on your speaker, and it says "pairing", it means it is waiting for a Bluetooth connection. Select a connection on your Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and the speaker will indicate "connected". You can now play sound on a Bluetooth device via the speaker.

Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best waterproof speakers in the market. Vtin portable speakers have the best value for money on the market: low-cost low-end prices and all the high-end features. In this list, we show you analysis of the about 8W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Loud HD Sound. Stay and buy the portable speaker with Bluetooth Vtin Brand that best suits you!

About Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It is a 20W high power outdoor speaker, your perfect all-in-one speaker solution. Stereo Sound, 10W Dual-Drivers offers you crisp, clear and melodious sound accompanying you at home, office and anywhere all the time. At the same time, it creates a relaxing atmosphere in camping, swimming pools, walks and indoor and outdoor activities, totally an ear banquet. It is your best partner in the musician world. Perfect for Christmas and birthday gifts.

Thirty hours in a volume of 70%. Powered by a 4400mAh lithium battery with up to 25 hours in the volume of 70%, ideal for camping, excursion, picnic, pool party etc. It is also equipped with a comfortable speaker with noise cancellation, allowing you to pick up calls without converting your word to the speaker.

Best about Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Strong bass: portable Bluetooth speaker offers you loud bass sound with a passive radiator and two subwoofer drivers; light tone, tasty tipple, strong bass for all songs
  • Support Bluetooth and AUX connection. 10H Playtime Shower Speaker with Suction Cup transmits music via Bluetooth from smartphones and tablets; the wireless connection is up to 10M. You can also connect our speaker to your devices without Bluetooth such as MP3, tables; it offers you the maximum flexibility to enjoy your favourite music!
  • Its aluminium alloy case cover provides excellent strength and durability.
  • This portable speaker, Vtin has a range of 10 meters.
  • It reaches 6 and 8 hours of 5000 mAH rechargeable battery.
  • Its shell is ultra-resistant.
  • It also has hands-free call functions for calls with built-in HD microphone and noise cancellation with the best technology.
  • The Vtin Brand provides a guarantee of up to 24 months and professional services after it with up to 24 hours of availability.

Features of the Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

  • The Vtin Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speakers is a very highly effective, feature-rich speaker that the majority high-end audio system has; it additionally goals to supply a top-quality sound, effectively above the vast majority of audio system on this worth vary.
  • That is due to a built-in 8W speaker driver that will not sound like a lot, and however, when you think about the tiny and transportable dimension of this speaker, it's protected to say it's excessive who has the punch. It is a pleasing shock to see such a small speaker reproduce bass sounds so wealthy and highly effective without compromising or creating these high-pitched appears like bass and midrange.
  • Additionally, and fairly impressively, this mini-speaker is ready to last as long as 10 hours with a single cost when it's performed at around 70% quantity. We are positive that you will agree that it is sturdy sufficient, particularly once you stand subsequent door.
  • As will be anticipated with a devoted bathe speaker, the physique of the speaker is waterproof, though it might be known as extra, particularly "splash-proof". Which means a fast fall within the water will suffice; it is endorsed not to take action. It holds underneath water for lengthy intervals.
  • As for system connectivity, this small percussive speaker incorporates Bluetooth 4.2. Knows how to permits Wi-Fi connections to your music system as much as a distance of 10 meters. All of that is then backed up by a specialized Wi-Fi anti-interference know-how that ensures your jams keep bright and unambiguous whereas listening to them no danger of stuttering or complete lack of connection.
  • If you happen to have issues in connecting this speaker through Bluetooth, though this isnt a standard downside, Vtin has an amicable customer support and help workforce that can be completely happy that can assist you.
  • One of the exceptional vital options of the cardboard is the built-in SD card reader. You dont even want a Wi-Fi system. Plug in an SD reminiscence card loaded with content material, and it is gone. That is nice if you wish to increase your music assortment or when you merely dont wish to use your Bluetooth enabled system and want to Support SD Card.
  • You will even discover a sensible suction cup on the again of the speaker and a suspension twine so you may place your speaker within the place that's best for you. These additionally work hand in hand, so that you stick your suction cup within the desired location, and then droop the twine.
  • With nearly zero opinions coming actually from lots of glad clients worldwide, the wealth of critics commented by five stars classifies this little speaker as a "hidden gem", which makes it simple to know why it's rated. The most effective bathe enclosures at the moment in the marketplace.
  • This speaker has a Built-in Mic.

Take advantage of it before it runs out.

vtin q1 warranty

Benefits of Vtin SoundHot Q1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

A significant advantage that I want you to know is that you will not find a cheap horn that offers the quality that Vtin offers.

Regarding its sound, this little speaker has outstanding quality in its bass because they are intense, low and sharp are heard clean and crisp, you can turn up the entire volume, and the sound is not distorted.

  • Regarding its price, it is very economical.
  • Sound is excellent and loud enough outside, that is, on the Beach, field, forest, parks, etc.
  • The quality of its materials are durable since it is made of silicone, covered with plastic and metal, if you fall on the floor due to some carelessness, do not worry, it is built to last.
  • Pair any cell phone wirelessly with iPhone, tablets, iPad, iPod, smartphone, etc.
  • VTIN R2 Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof (not submersible) that is to say if it rains and gets wet nothing will happen, thanks to its IPX4 certification
  • If your cell phone does not have Bluetooth, you can connect it to the mini-jack port via cable and listen to your favourite music.
  • This horn is created by the VicTsing Technology Co. brand and better known as Vtin, which is dedicated to manufacturing audio products, I must tell you that it has surprised us with its quality.
  • One of the most sold in amazon with excellent opinions.
  • The cable to charge it is not very long
  • Something we like about this model is that it has a battery life of up to 5 hours, excellent for the price it has.
  • The battery is fully charged in just 1 hour and a half.
  • The connection is via wireless Bluetooth 4.1 (Wi-Fi) with a range of up to 3 meters around
  • It has an output power of 3 watts
  • If your phone does not have Bluetooth, do not worry, you can connect your cell phone in a wired way, bring a 3 mm plug input
  • Bring space to put a cord, ideal for those who ride a bike or move from one place to another
  • You can synchronize it correctly in your car when you drive
  • It has volume controls and LEDs that tell you when a device is connected and when the battery is discharging
  • This Portable speaker is small, versatile and beautiful
  • It is the ideal concerning quality/price
  • Build the party everywhere
  • Support Bluetooth and AUX connection. Vtin speaker transmits music via Bluetooth from smartphones and tablets; the wireless connection is up to 10M.

Ease of Use

Theres no level in getting yourself a speaker that you spend 10 minutes making an attempt to pair up with and making an attempt to fiddle across the settings to get it to play your music. As an alternative, search for easy-pair units that keep in mind your outdated units. Which means when you have paired up your system and speaker for the first time, you gainer have to fret about fiddling around with it once more. Youll be able to flip in your Bluetooth, press the button and go! One other accessibility function could be how one can cost the speaker. Most of the audio system weve listed above will use an ordinary micro-USB, which implies you should utilize any micro-USB cable to charge your speaker.

Nevertheless, some audio system might use a different cable, corresponding to an AUX jack charger. While youll obtain a cable to cost your speaker if it breaks it may be reasonably inconvenient attempting to get a brand new one.

Sound High quality

You need to be sure for getting yourself a water-resistant speaker that produces glorious sound high quality. Why spend cash on a speaker that sounds tinny and crackly, a lot, so that youre not going to benefit from the music you're listening too? At the least, youll wish to search for a speaker that has a 5-watt driver, however as you go up from right here, the high sound quality will get higher and higher. After all, this may enhance with worth, however on the subject of an audio system; you usually get what you pay for.


On a lighter note, this is a great product, after all. The quality of sound and robust build quality has made it popular among the masses. It is available on all retail outlets as well as on various e-commerce stores over the internet.

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