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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Sharkk 2O IP67 Review


Sharkk has been popularly known for its remarkable contribution to the category of lifestyle products. They have crafted some of the brilliant speakers available in the market today. Their devices are of excellent quality and can be surely relied on. Combined with that is their unmatchable technical support. Their strong backup team can surely address all your issues.

The Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray is one of the most excellent examples of Portable Audio & Video device. It is powered with some of the latest technologies. Packed with the best features, you can get a compact speaker in it that can serve all your cravings for music. With excellent sound quality, this speaker is wireless and highly durable. Therefore you get your music companion which you can carry to want anywhere.
sharkk 2o waterproof bluetooth speaker

Why should you buy the Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker?
This speaker from Sharkk is regarded as one of the best Portable Speakers & Docks available in the market. It has got all the brilliant features that you have been looking for all this while in an ideal speaker. The music quality, its wireless connectivity, portability, durability, etc. has made it a hot cake amongst the music enthusiasts. You should go through its specifications to know in details about the benefits of owning it.

Superb audio quality
This speaker has got excellent sound quality. You play any music on it, and it sounds loud enough to be heard from a place not so near. It can play music at higher volume ranges very smoothly. You can get excellent sound clarity with this sound system. Listen to every word of the track very clearly with a great sound.

The speaker has got an extensive range of volume. You can play music on a full range of 90 dB. The most amazing part is that the higher volume ranges are free from any harmonic distortions. There are no voice breaks, no matter how loud you play anything on it. Play your favorite song on it, and this speaker with 8 Watts sound driver will let out a fantastic sound.

Great humming bass
Any good speaker must have a good quality of bass along with superb sound quality. This speaker makes for a great sound system because it produces a superior sound that has got room shaking bass. You will feel the whole place is grooving with you along with the beat of the music.

The extraordinary humming bass gives a significant effect to any song you hear on it. Get that extra dose of bass with this speaker from Sharkk that you were missing all this while. This sound system has a remarkable higher frequency response of 20 kHz. And the lower frequency response is as little as 60 Hz. Therefore you can imagine the quality of bass you are going to get with this speaker.

A water-resistant product
sharkk 2o speaker

The Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray is a complete WATERPROOF product. It is an IP67 rated speaker. It can comfortably resist a water depth of 3.3 feet. You can take it to pool parties to power it with tremendous and loud music. It can also withstand sprinkling raindrops. It does not get affected and carries on with its excellent performance. It means it is a great option to be carried to outdoors even in light rains also.

The rugged, durable design of the speaker makes it stand apart from many others in its category. It is dustproof; therefore traveling outdoors with it will bring no difference in its performance. You need to dust off the deposits on it, and it will carry on playing rocking music.

It is an excellent fit for those who have an active lifestyle and has to travel a lot. For example, choreographers need to visit outdoors to choreograph various events. They need a powerful speaker to play the music that can be audible from a long distance. Therefore this speaker can serve their purpose.

It is also great to be carried to adventurous trips. For instance, if you are going camping or trekking, you can surely bring it with you. Its durable built will keep it safe from all the rough uses.

The Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray supports the best wireless connectivity methods. It can be connected over Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). The wireless Bluetooth connection allows us to compare it with any other Bluetooth enabled device very easily. You can connect the speaker to your Smartphone, Tablet and laptop, and stream as much as you want.

NFC allows you to sync any other music device with it in just a few seconds. Turn on the NFC and bring the device closer to the speaker; it automatically starts syncing. So get your desired music in only one click.

There are also Auxiliary input ports in the speaker that allows external connection via wires. You can connect to any other device with the speaker via cable and play your favorite music on it. But if there is no other device available around that can be connected to the speaker via NFC, Bluetooth or cable, there is an exceptional slot for micro sd card. You can fill a micro SD card with all your favorite songs and play them on the speaker.

Good battery backup
This speaker from Sharkk has got a Lithium-ion battery that provides a backup of 8 hours. Is not that great? The battery is rechargeable, and you will need to charge it after a long time if the music is playing at a stretch. It is going to prove a first music device for any party hosted by you.

There is a USB port to charge this speaker. You can connect a compatible USB cable to charge it. Do not use any unauthorized accessory to recharge the device; it might affect its battery life. Also, follow the guidelines mentioned about the electrical requisites of the invention to improve its performance.

A sound device with an exceptional finish
Sharkk has got some of the best craftsmen in its team. They have designed and built the speaker to make the best impression on the user. Along with some of the best specifications, the audio system has got an exceptional finish. It is made up of the right quality materials that make it sturdy and can withstand a lot of tortures. It is compact, so you can carry it anywhere you want.

The device is black with a gray border. There is a very soft glow on the outer body, which makes it look more attractive. The controls are well displayed on the external body. So you can easily handle the device. There are square shaped patterns on the sides. LED light indicators show the strength of the battery. A strap to hold the speaker makes carrying it very easy. It is undoubtedly one of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers you have come across.

sharkk 2o outdoor bluetooth speakers

Sharkk also provides a great customer backup for any device of theirs. This product has got an instruction manual that will help you to operate the equipment efficiently.
Technical features of the device

Dimensions of the product

2.2 * 3 * 7

Weight of the product

1 pound

Connectivity methods

Bluetooth, NFC

Bluetooth version



USB charging

Type of battery

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Capacity of Battery

2200 mAh

Battery backup

Up to 8 hours


Yes, an IP67 rated product

Maximum depth of water the device can withstand

3.3 feet

Speaker output Wattage

8 Watts


2 of 4 Watts each

Maximum frequency of the device

20 kHz

Minimum frequency of the device

60 Hz

Functional Voltage

3.7 V

Voltage required for charging

5 V

Maximum sound range

90 dB

Micro SD card


Input methods

Auxiliary, USB

Product color


Manufacturing company


Product reference number




Product rating

4.8 out of 5 stars among 10 user reviews

Useful features of the speaker

  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • Listen to loud music at a higher volume range of 90 dB
  • Has two output speakers of 4 Watts each
  • No harmonic distortion at any volume range
  • Plays music with a great bass
  • Will make you groove with the music played on it
  • Has a wide frequency range of 60 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Comes with a tremendous in-built MICROPHONE
  • A complete water-resistant product
  • The speaker is rated as an IP67 device
  • It can sustain a water depth of 3.3 feet
  • The function of the speaker does not get affected by water
  • You can carry it out in light rains
  • A great music partner for pool parties
  • Built with tough materials
  • A complete dustproof, durable device
  • Can be taken to outdoor activities like camping and trekking
  • Supports multiple connectivity methods
  • Can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth and NFC
  • Supports Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Has a wide Bluetooth range
  • NFC allows syncing any device with the speaker in just a few seconds
  • You can make calls with this speaker
  • Consumes less power
  • Gives a good battery backup of up to 8 hours
  • Can be controlled by Siri and S-Voice
  • Supports micro SD card
  • Has the useful feature of automatic power saving
  • Powered with a Lithium-ion battery of 2200 mAh
  • Supports USB charging
  • There are Auxiliary input options to connect the speaker to another device with a wire
  • Has a great outer finish
  • Comes with a strap to handle it easily
  • Very easy to use the tool
  • The controls are nicely displayed on the top of the speaker

sharkk 2o waterproof bluetooth speaker

  • There are battery indications shown by LED light
  • You can see the battery status of the speaker in iPod, iPad, and iPhone when connected to them

The contents of the box of the product
The box of the product contains a total of 7 items. They are:

Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray
A USB cable for charging
One aux cable
One power adapter
1 Velcro Strap for carrying the speaker hands-free
One bag to keep the speaker
A user manual booklet from Sharkk

sharkk 2o waterproof bluetooth wireless speaker

The safety measures to be followed while operating the device
  • Read all the instructions provided by the manufacturer before you start using the speaker
  • Prevent the speaker to come in direct contact with heat or flame
  • Do not expose the device to harsh weather conditions
  • Never place any object on top of the speaker
  • Follow the electrical requisites guidelines provided by the manufacturer
  • Always clean the equipment with a clean and dry cloth
  • Do not use any harsh cleaner to clean its outer body
  • Use only the attachments provided by the manufacturer with this speaker
  • Do not touch the power cord with wet hands; you may get an electric shock
  • Never try to attach anything to the speaker forcibly
  • Press the buttons lightly, not forcefully
  • When not in use, keep the speaker in the storage bag provided in the box
  • Use the carrying strap to carry it safely
  • Always place the device on a flat and stable surface to prevent it from falling off
  • Unplug the device from power cord if there are lightning and thunderstorm
  • Stop using the method immediately if any smoke or a bad odor is coming out of it
  • Do not disassemble the device on your own
  • Always contact an authorized service center if there is any damage in the speaker

Warranty guidelines of the product
Sharkk provides a warranty period of 1 year with this product. The warranty period shall start from the date of purchase of the device. The manufacturer shall repair or replace any part of the product within the warranty period without any cost.

A great product from the house of Sharkk
The Sharkk - 2O Portable Bluetooth Speaker Gray is undoubtedly a product to look out for in the category of portable music device. It is wireless and supports micro SD card. Therefore play your favorite music on it and get the highest sound quality.

sharkk 2o bluetooth speaker waterproof speaker

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